As an event manager, you have many responsibilities; planning a marketing campaign, creating an event website, organizing ticket sales, and many others. The sales of the event tickets determine the success (or failure) of your event. Due to their importance, you should learn how to sell your tickets fast. You can do this online using a registration and event ticketing web application.

Utilize Event Software

One of the most effective methods for boosting online registration is the use of event management software. If you are choosing this approach, you may consider Tixily, along with some insights into your attendance, ticket sales, revenue, etc.

When choosing event software, there are some things to keep in mind:

  • Determine what integrations you need to help maintain the flow of your tasks and strategies. If you are using a CRM or marketing automation platform, it is possible to combine them with the software solution for event planning. 
  • Find out how you can promote exhibitors and sponsors. Find an event web application that can display engagement of attendees, which you can show as proof to the sponsors, encouraging them to make investments with you.
  • There are event platforms that can provide you with the statistics of the event registration. This customizable reporting will help you gain insight into the ticket sales regularly.

Understand Ticket Psychology

Selling tickets and registrations follows the same guiding principles as with other marketing campaigns. Some popular methods are:

  • Proof on registration. There is social evidence that helps increase credibility to the event. For example, screenshot reviews and testimonials.
  • Tiered ticket pricing. In this method, you offer multiple options in pricing, but strategically hide the value of higher ticket prices. While using a decoy package, you still leave the base price of the tickets as an option.
  • Follow up. After registering for your event, you can offer additional discount codes to people who will buy your tickets. Once a prospect has your ticket in their hands, and you give them kind gestures through your discounts, it fosters trust.

Use Various Types of Tickets

A vital factor for driving registrations to your event is giving the right pricing. The pricing you give will reflect the originality, prestige, and the benefits to the attendees of your event. Offering an extremely low price might suggest that your event is lacking value. On the other hand, if your prices are incredibly high, buyers may change their minds at your number. Also, consider Tixily when you want to use event software for this, and take into consideration your financial objectives. 

In addition, you can introduce last-minute ticket sales. Once you execute this strategy properly, this can create a buzz. The majority of attendees like to get a good deal, as with early bird specials.

Use SEO to Your Event Website

Creating an event website as a platform to sell your tickets and handle registrations can work well for you. It is also an effective way to build brand recognition. Therefore, it is essential to optimize the SEO of your event site to increase traffic to your website. Know what keywords your audience is using and add those keywords to your site.

Place your keywords selectively and avoid stuffing them. Keep in mind that your content should match the search intent. Make sure to give the right kind of content to your audience with related keywords.

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