If your aim is not just about the survival of your law firm but also to promote it and reach out to a larger audience, you must keep getting a constant wave of fresh clients from all over. There are several ways to promote your law firm. However, one of the best ways of reaching out to people is utilizing search engines.

Also, as soon as you tap into SEO, you are assured of better traffic on your website from search engines, providing you with fresh clients consistently, helping you save money from advert placements.

Based on research, there is an estimated 95% of people out there seeking legal consults, and at the same time using search engines to do that. On the other hand, an estimated 35% of people use the internet to hire an attorney. These numbers portray the positive impact that SEO can have on law firms. With that said, in this article, we’ll be discussing how you can effectively use SEO to promote your law firm.

1. Research On Your Competitors

The right foot to start with is to peruse through your competitors. For instance, study the other attorneys marketing their firms present in your area and learn how their websites are used, the keywords they focus on, and other stuff they are tapping into.

Know the contents that are published on their blogs and look out for the sites responding to them. Certain online tools are used to carry out this research, and you can use this knowledge to improve your website. When done the right way, competitor research is a great way to start improving your SEO.

2. Keyword Research

As soon as you know how your competitors are pulling through, it’s time to research the noted keywords and get inspired to choose captivating ones for your website. There are several tools for researching keywords if you need help in that aspect, and this software helps you rank the keywords to show which ones your audience searches for the most.

You should consider incorporating local keywords such as cities, streets, parks, or counties in your website as well. They should be included in your landing page, URL, meta tags, etc.

3. Incorporating Keywords

Now that you know the best keywords to use, it’s time to add them to your website content. However, with SEO, there are specific strategies to be followed by law firms. Your keywords should be properly added in a way that is easy for search engine bots to pick up.

For example, readers and clients scan for headings and titles, so if your description is related to what they are searching for, they are more likely to click your website.

4. Add Your Title And Meta Descriptions

Search engines use your title and meta descriptions to display your website, and it’s the very first thing readers come across as they search for law firms or attorneys nearby.

In most cases, titles and meta descriptions are cut off. To prevent your content from being sidelined, the title shouldn’t be above 60 characters, and your entire metadata shouldn’t be over 200 characters.

5. Get Listed On Google My Business

Another crucial step to take is listing your law firm on Google My Business. Necessary information will be required, like your contact details, residential address, and business details. You will undergo the verification procedures by receiving a google postcard via your email or verification via your mobile number.

As soon as you have been listed, additional details like your website, business residents, etc., can be added. Potential clients are also likely to leave positive reviews based on how you were of service, which will show in search results.

6. Deliver Correct And Appropriate Details

Being consistent is crucial in terms of SEO for promoting law firms, given that different spellings can imply that information is being possessed by more than one law firm. So, ensure that your firm’s name, contact info, and address are the same across blogs, social media, and google listing.

7. Request Reviews From Clients

Another efficient way of promoting your legal firm through SEO is by getting positive reviews from your clients. Customer review is drastically becoming very important for business owners. 

As soon as a potential customer comes across your website listed with positive reviews from customers, it encourages them to click their way into your website, rather than a competitor with fewer, negative, or no reviews.

8. Run A Blog And Post Fresh, Original, And Engaging Contents Regularly

The final tip on effectively promoting your law firm via SEO strategies is to run a blog. As blogging might be time-consuming, it can generate better traffic given that you post original content regularly. It will also help to establish and build trust and support with your potential clients, especially if you break down complicated legal issues to their understanding.

Based on what we’ve seen, SEO in law firms isn’t complicated as it sounds. Be aware that SEO is a long-term option, so it might take a while before positive results come by. However, when it is all set up properly, you are sure to reap its benefits. Utilize the ideas in this article to promote your law firm through SEO strategies and generate reasonable traffic for your website.

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