More and more people are now leveraging digital channels to have the products that they need, delivered right in front of their doorsteps. In this way, people can conveniently order the product through an online shop or an e-commerce store and the merchant will arrange for the delivery of the product. If you want to have a good idea about the status of the product that you ordered while it is in transit, then you can use online tools to track your package. In line with this, below are two of the most common ways on how you will be able to easily track your shipped package online.

Official Website of the Courier

One of the primary ways on how you will be able to easily track your shipped package online is by visiting the official website of the courier who is responsible for delivering your items. In case you cannot find their official website, you can visit the official social media accounts of the courier because there is a great chance that they provide a link to their website in their social media accounts. Otherwise, it is through their official social media accounts that you can send them a message to inquire about the delivery status of your package.

For some couriers, all you need to do is to enter the tracking number in the portion that they provide on their official website. From there, they will already display the delivery status of your package, as well as its history from its origin to its current location. Otherwise, the courier may require you to fill up a form where you need to leave your contact details and they will be the ones to get in touch with you to address your concern regarding the shipment.

Consolidate Shipping Tracker

Another way to easily track your shipped package online is by exploring consolidated shipping trackers. In this way, you no longer need to look for the official site of the courier that is responsible for delivering your package. The shipping experts behind suggest that if you are expecting several packages delivered by different couriers, then you should use a consolidated shipping tracker. In doing so, you only need to enter the tracking number of the package and its real-time location will already be displayed, rather than having to find the official website of each of the courier of your shipped package.

Some of the details that you will be able to see through a consolidated shipping tracker are the tracking history, shipping status, as well as the estimated delivery date of your package. This information is usually the same details that are displayed on the official website of the courier should you choose to track your package through their site. The great part is that through these platforms, you will also be able to easily find the contact details of the courier should you need to get in touch with them.

Information You Need to Track Your Package

More often than not, the only thing that you need to know to be able to track your package is the tracking number, which is provided to the shipper of the package upon handing the item to the courier. However, there are instances wherein certain details such as the name and location of the sender will be required, as well as their contact details. In other instances, you will be asked about your details as a recipient too, including your contact number as well as the item included in the package. You can also use jrs tracking for finding your packages.

Reasons for Delayed Shipment

People sometimes encounter delays in the delivery of their shipment and this can be attributed to some of the factors such as those listed below.

Weather Condition

One of the primary reasons why you may encounter a delay in your shipment is inclement weather conditions such as when there are typhoons. Thus, in times of bad weather which results in road closures, grounded planes, or anchored cargo ships, expect that there may be delays in your package delivery. Remember that in any job, including those of the couriers, safety remains the main priority.

Failed Delivery Conditions

Another common reason for a delayed shipment is failed delivery conditions, which can mean that the courier was already able to deliver the package but the recipient was unable to receive the package. This usually happens when the package needs proof of receipt such as a signature and no one can do so when the courier reaches the destination. In this case, the package will most likely be rerouted to a warehouse where unreceived packages are temporarily stored. As soon as the recipient gets in touch with the courier regarding the status of their package will the shipping process be restarted.

Lost Package

In some cases, the delay in shipping delivery is due to a lost package. Lost packages can be a result of accidentally removed shipping labels or damage to the packaging. In the case of lost packages, the recipients will find it more difficult to track their shipment, but it is still possible because there is a great chance that records can be made available on the last log point where the package was still properly labeled. From there, further investigation can be made, but the customer needs to work with the courier.

Other factors that may cause a delay in shipment include custom verification, as well as technology issues.

Thanks to the internet, you can already order products online and track the real-time status of the item you have ordered while it is on its way to you. Just keep in mind that apart from the official website of the courier, you can also explore the use of online shipping trackers that will display the status of your package regardless of the courier. More often than not, shipped packages are delivered promptly, but there are certain instances wherein you may encounter delays, which is where these online tools will prove to be beneficial, for you to have a real-time status of where your package is.

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