1. Bentota 

Bentota is the ideal honeymoon getaway in a beach environment surrounded by River Bentota and the sea. The destination merges into the exotic lagoon. There is a breathtaking view with plenty of other destinations to visit. Privacy is provided to the employees to ensure that there is a lap of nature with many outdoor activities such as snorkelling, sailing, diving or canoeing. The ideal time to visit Bentota is from November to April. Average spend would be LKR 24,000.

2. Mirissa

Mirissa is one of the most romantic destinations in the tropical paradise, Sri Lanka where there is a natural beach in a crescent-shape. The perfect destination to enjoy a chilled king coconut and sea bath with the sunrise surrounded by soft sands. The unique features are the amazing whale and dolphin watching. The ideal time to visit Mirissa is from November to April. Average spend would be LKR 30,000.

3. Tangalle

This is a unique proposition for newlyweds as their honey destination with plenty of hotels and breathtaking mangrove-lined lagoons with the best smooth sand sea in the island. It is ranked in the top three as one of the best romantic destinations in Sri Lanka. The ideal time to visit Tangalle is from November to April. Average spend would be LKR 25,000.

4. Trincomalee

Trincomalee is one of the quietest beaches in Sri Lanka which gives the perfect privacy with striking sights. The beaches Uppuveli and Nilaveli are the best beaches to visit in Trincomalee. There is an enjoyable nightlife with beautiful sunsets. Pigeon Island and the white sandy beach are unique places to visit in Trincomalee. The ideal time to visit Trincomalee is from May to November. Average spend would be LKR 30,000.

5. Ella

Ella which is the best serene intimate honeymoon destination in the hill county of Sri Lanka is a mountain village with the perfect weather to spend your honeymoon. It is ideal if the couples could travel to this destination by train to enjoy the beautiful views of tea plantations, cloud covers and jungle canopies. One of the best places to visit in Ella is the Ella Rock and Mini Adams Peak through the Ella Gap. All the year-round, April is the best time to visit Ella. Average spend would be LKR 35,000.

6. Nuwaraeliya

Renowned as the Little England of the Island, Nuwaraeliya is inspired by the colonial culture with amazing romantic views. Hikes, visits to waterfalls like Lovers Leap Fall, Laksapana Falls, Rawana Falls. Tea estate and factory visits are the salient features of Nuwaraeliya. The best time to visit Nuwaraeliya is from December to April. Average spend would be LKR 45,000.

7. Yala

For couples who love adventure and romance, Yala is the best destination to spend the honeymoon. The greatest experience in Yala is the jungle nightlife including the safari rides, beach walks. Yala is also the destination with the highest leopard density in the world. The best time to visit Yala is from February to July. Average spend would be LKR 40,000.

8. Habarana

Perfect for a serene experience with mother nature and for the ultimate intimacy. Couples can gain a memorable experience with the jungle safari (Minneriya National Park). The latest addition to the experience is the hot air balloon ride over the Minneriya National Park and with the view of the jungle. The best time to visit Habarana is from May to October. Average spend would be LKR 50,000.

9. Sinharaja

For nature lovers, Sinharaja Rain Forest, one of the World Heritage Site for its biodiversity, would be the best places to spend your honeymoon in Sri Lanka. This is a honeymoon destination for environmentalists at heart. The best time to visit is January to early April and August to September. Average spend would be LKR 20,000.

10. Horton Plains

Horton Plains in the Central Highland Plateau is one memorable experience for the couples with the multitude of streams and grassland and unique flora and fauna abound. The best time to visit is from March to May. Average spend would be LKR 30,000.