While innovations in technology are taking strides forward every day, the competition in the market becomes fiercer by the second. It is more important now than ever before to have a willingness to learn about the new ways you can market your business in today’s economic climate. Search engine optimization is at the core of building your business’s online presence and essential to growth. Refusing to invest in SEO will leave you in the dust, and here’s why.

User Experience

SEO will make your website more user-friendly. This is key for moving up in the ranks, as relevance is a key factor in how Google ranks sites. If you want your page to be the go to website for users, then it needs to be relevant. A solid user experience is a prerequisite for being determined as relevant.


People visiting your website because of SEO are not there because they accidentally clicked an ad or because of some other played-out marketing strategy. They genuinely need the service your business supplies, and they are visiting your page as a potential client. So SEO not only increases traffic, but it increases traffic that will likely result in a sale.

Builds Credibility

By improving your online visibility, you will also build your website’s credibility with visitors. The highest-ranking websites are generally more trusted than the low-ranking ones, and being one of the first options people see when searching something gives them that warm fuzzy feeling they need to trust you.

Increases Sales

Where there are footprints, there are dollar signs. Yes—it’s true. SEO will maximize traffic on your website and thus create more revenue for your company. Because of the boost in sales, your business will experience, the investment in SEO will, in turn, pay for itself and then some. So there’s really no good reason not to make a short term payout for long term earnings.

Power to the Little Guys

When the larger companies have all the money in the world to invest in SEO and endorsement, it’s hard for the little guys to make a name for themselves. While social media and online marketing are proven useful, it’s still easy to get overlooked when you’re competing with big-name, trusted companies that have a lot of online visibility. However, SEO gives small businesses a fighting chance by increasing footprints on their websites and building their credibility.

Improves Speed

Research has shown that about 50% of users will exit out of a page that doesn’t load in three seconds or less. That means that your website is losing 50% of its potential sales and traffic because your website is not optimized for speed. SEO improves your website’s user experience along with its speed, which will boost sales and increase the likelihood of users returning later.

Makes You Mobile

Expect your website to not get much hype if it’s not mobile-friendly. Around 50% of users are browsing from their mobile phones and will not hesitate to leave your site without a glance if it doesn’t function well from their phone. Through SEO, your site will be utilized by all devices, which, of course, will be good for traffic and sale.

Reduces the Need for Advertising

SEO is the type of gift that never stops giving because once you supply your website with it, you never have to do it again, and it continues to promote and create awareness of your website long after the transaction. Advertisement isn’t quite as effective, and people have grown more and more prone to ignoring ads rather than giving them attention. By supplying your page with SEO, paying for continued advertisement isn’t as necessary.

Around the Clock Promotion

Yes, you can pay someone to endorse your business or a promoter to get the word out about your company, but again, SEO never pauses its functions. It will provide you with traffic and boost your sales 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays. No longer should you have to deal with people to get the word of your website and business out there. Leave your worries to SEO and watch as the clicks add up all day and night, every day of the year.

Bear in mind that this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of SEO. The list definitely goes on, and if you’re curious about how you can increase the traffic on your website, then check in with an SEO expert to get your business off the ground today.

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