Let’s be real, one of the toughest things being a girl is having to handle with that bloody course every month. Not only does the cramps devour our liveliness and moods time to time, but staying dry and fresh during this time is a real challenge.

We don’t live in the 18th century and most of us aren’t pampered beauties living in mansions. So as women in the workforce, taking care of our period in midst of all busy schedules has become one hell of a trouble, we need a better solution for this.

When we came across ‘THINX’, we were absolutely surprised – in a good way – not only is it a fashionable concept brought upon the most excruciating time of the month, it also is pretty convenient. Surely we don’t need any more bulky pads on our handbag compartments hidden from the men, and that’s not all, they’ve got more!

What’s THINX?

THINX is a period panty designed to absorb twice the amount of a tampon and it comes in different styles and purposes. It’s washable, reusable and is environment-friendly! Depending on your flow, you could wear your THINX with a pad or a tampon, it’s so much like a regular underwear but safer.

THINX is an innovative idea brought to life in the recent years by two sisters. What’s special about these underwear is the fact that it’s made of a secret formula, a period-proof signature technology and products are imported from the leading textile manufacturer in Sri Lanka. It’s made with quality, expertise, and by a female workforce.

Let’s look at the Benefits

“No more leakage”

What we hate about periods is the fear that we’d make our course public. Being honest, we are constantly on the check whether we’ve obtained the Japanese flag on our tush, and different people have different flows on different days. One cannot predict the exact amount and such embarrassing moments are reasonable, but what if we have a permanent solution for it?

Yeah, free-flow is a risk to take, but THINX totally got your back. The underwear is designed to protect you from all sides and flows. If you’re an athlete, a yoga person or even a super nerd who sits in one place for hours, leakage is the last thing you’ve got to worry about.

“Bye bye Tampons”

For decades tampons have been a conflicting theory. Especially in Asian countries and mostly teens around the world too. Though it was considered a novelty and an improved version of a pad, still a tampon was not a saviour.

With THINX, of course, you could take a deep breath and shove away your fear of sticking things in. And for those who opt using tampons to have their hymens intact can switch to this convenient option.

“Up for a long drive”

Few years back, if we happen to be on our monthly course during an important event or a journey, we’d definitely worry about the inconvenience of having to change time to time, we’ll find an excuse or rather play ill – yet another excuse. All this struggle, just because we girls have not found the perfect solution for our period distress.

Don’t miss out on your adventures just because Aunt Irma decided to visit you. Grab a pair of THINX and set off on your trip. You could last a day without a change if you have a regular flow.

“Party peeps here I come!”

Our lives are full of opportunities and crazy moments. Like an important date, your best friend’s birthday or even a night out with the buddies you haven’t met in ages. You can’t just dismiss yourself because you can’t wear the dress of your dreams due to period concerns.

THINX is designed for flexibility for any purpose, it fits your body firmly letting you slip into any kind of sexy kinky outfit you want to. You could choose the design and style of your choice which matches your dress and melt into the crowd like you’ve always wanted to.

“Break a sweat”

Here’s the hardest part. When it comes to Periods, Mother Nature would make sure that women stay out of sport or heavy work. Why?

  1. They say we can’t afford to lose the energy
  2. We’d leak

Well, 1 is reasonable at some point but 2 cannot be a point at all! Just because we flow down there doesn’t mean we are not capable of playing a sport. THINX training shorts and sport undies are built for hard flow and extra protection. It firmly fits, it’s highly absorbent, made of comfortable material and they are long lasting too. You could take a jog while on your monthly course and totally enjoy it without worrying of leakage.


Disgusting as it may sound, we clearly don’t want the odour to overpower our monthly course. Being honest we wear extra perfume all over our bodies during that special time. But the underwear by THINX is a life saver when it comes to odourless periods. The ultimate protection technology they’ve used in their shorts and panties makes the odour stay within. It may feel like there’s too many chances it may reek but you’re safe. You could step outside your comfort zone during this time of the month and conquer your goals while smelling good too.

There you go! Guessing its high time to ditch those crunchy pads and freaky tampons? You have a choice now, not like in the olden rag days! With the world heading to a green pathway, this would perfectly keep up with the sustainability goals, reducing garbage and it’s cheap in the long run too. Many THINX users all over the internet have expressed their views on these panties and all of them are positive. It sounds weird and risky at the first, but you got to take the chance and discover a whole new experience.

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