The road to legality is paved with struggles, challenges, and probably gallons of coffee. For some, legality is their 18th birthday when they legally turn into an adult. For others, it may be the day their proposal gets approved and achieves funding.

Different people move on to the next steps in their way, for cosmetologists, this usually means passing the board exam. Cosmetologists have to prove that their knowledge and understanding of the craft is enough for them to practice on other people.

What is the Cosmetology Board Exam

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Just like other licensure examinations, passing this proves that they have mastered and studied their craft. They aren’t simply curious about this area but they are professionals and experts. This license permits them to use their knowledge and practice their craft legally.

Depending on where you live, the board exam has different requirements. There are a ton of blogs online discussing the background of the Cosmetology Board exam and how you can apply for it.

For example, if you are in the U.S. then you will probably be recommended to finish cosmetology school and spend a few months reviewing. The Salon Success Academy discusses the different parts of the state board exam and gives you a good overview of what you’re signing up for.

There are different ways to prepare for such an important examination and this guide is here to help you hedge your bets.

A Complete Guide to Clear the Cosmetology Board Exam

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Examinees will have their ways of attacking the board examination. There are different methods and some work better for others. This guide is here to provide you with quick and easy steps to pass the last step to legally practicing cosmetology.

1. Cosmetology Practice Tests

No matter what kind of exam is being discussed, practice tests go a long way in terms of preparation. Whether it’s a complicated Math test or an in-depth English examination, practice tests help you simulate the challenges without having any of the risks.

There are a bunch of practice tests that help in their ways, from free online written examinations to DIY practical tests. There is surely one practice test that will fit your needs.

In the case of the Cosmetology Board Exam, there are free online cosmetology tests that can help you to breathe more confidently.

Practice tests put you in the high-pressure situation that you will be placed in on the actual examination date. In this case, however, you get to make mistakes and not get punished for it, since it is practice after all.

These practice tests help you to see how much you have learned and how much you need to learn to get the score you are aiming for. This is a very hands-on approach to understanding how well you will fare when the board examination comes.

Other than simply testing your knowledge, practice tests help people who are easily pressured. A licensure examination is very important and can lead many people to worry about their performance.

Since practice tests simulate an actual exam this is a great way for people to shake off their nerves and worries. You can think of it as a simple method of exposure therapy. Things aren’t as scary when you’ve already gone through something similar.

2. Flashcards and Summaries

Board examinations require a lot of knowledge and cover a wide scope of topics. Reviewing all of these topics may take some time and reading an entire book’s worth of material can get tedious.

Flashcards or whatever form of summary can help you to compress a load of information into a short easy to review material.

These materials aren’t there to be as informative as the original but are simply reminders for you to remember the details. They aren’t complete with all of the nitty-gritty details because those details are already supposedly in your head.

These review materials allow you to read through a summer’s worth of topics within minutes and have everything refreshed in your head.

3. Practical Practice

There are different kinds of learners, some prefer to read while others prefer to act. In the world of cosmetology on hand (and safe) practice is highly encouraged.

You may be an intern under a mentor’s guidance or maybe practicing some stuff that isn’t dangerous, hands-on practice helps you to remember what you need. The Cosmetology Board Exam is also composed of two main tests, the practical examination, and the written test.

The practical examination tests your ability in common tasks and how you will handle them. It is more than a simple skincare routine, it tests all of the practical responsibilities needed to be a beautician or an esthetician.

This portion of the exam can test anything from skincare to hair treatment or anything under the cosmetologist’s scope.

You can read all the books in the world but hands-on practice will probably be your best bet to prepare you for the practical examination portion. You may consider looking for an internship as a little side hustle and experience for your resume but the practice you get will be invaluable.

4. Approaching Licensed Cosmetologists

Seeking a mentor or somebody that has already gone down the path you hope to may do wonders. The fact that these people have already passed the licensure examination shows that they are already capable.

Mentors can help give you tips and tricks whether it be about memorizing different facts or maybe some neat little shortcuts for practical application. Having a mentor simply allows you to learn from a different and experienced perspective.

There’s also the added opportunity that you gain connections or maybe a possible future spot in their salon.

Key Takeaways

Licensure exams are incredibly tough and crucial to a cosmetologist’s future. These are the exams that can boost a person’s career or halt it. Preparing for such an important examination is only expected if you want to become a licensed cosmetologist.

Cosmetology, just like other professions, deals with a wide range of topics and the struggle is how you understand and retain all of the information that belongs in these topics. You can do so with the different steps or suggestions we have listed.

  1. Cosmetology Practice Tests
  2. Flashcards and Summaries
  3. Practical Practice
  4. Approaching Licensed Cosmetologists

No matter what learning approach you prefer, having a range of options will always be a good bet. Maximizing all of the tools available may be the determiner between finally becoming a licensed cosmetologist or having to retake the exam at some other point in time.

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