Designing a room in minimalist style might sound intimidating to some due to its excessive simplicity and its rejection of anything superfluous. Minimalism is based on the mindset that less is more, and such an approach can bring joy and calmness into our lives. Minimalist spaces have an aura of peacefulness and serenity around them and that made them a popular choice for many homeowners in recent years. The beauty of minimalism lies in creating balance, letting go of things, and appreciating what we have. Here is how you can implement minimalist style into your living space.

Declutter and organize

Creating a base for decorating is crucial, and decluttering your home is the first step towards styling it in a minimalistic way. Discard the items you donโ€™t use or need, and keep only whatโ€™s dear to your heart and sparks joy. Marie Kondo, a Japanese organizing consultant and author, suggests her own method of decluttering and organizing. Itโ€™s based on dividing the items into categories, choosing what we want to keep and expressing gratitude towards objects that no longer serve us. By decluttering, not will you clear out your living space but youโ€™ll also be doing something good for your mental well-being.

Opt for a neutral colour palette

The thing about neutral colors is they serve as a blank canvas to which you can add splashes of colors with pillows, rugs, artwork, and accent furniture. They support all the other elements and act as a background. As such, neutrals act as a great base for a room in a minimalist style. Painting your walls in hues such as gray, beige or white is a low-cost way to spruce up your home and make it feel clean, open, and fresh. These colours bring a sense of balance and calmness, so theyโ€™re a great choice for a minimalist room.

Furniture as a focal point

In order for furniture to become the focal point, you need to create some negative space in the room. Keep it simple and opt for pieces that are classic. Investing in high-quality pieces is recommended since theyโ€™ll be the first thing people will notice when they walk in. A quality piece of furniture for your bedroom is a must, and the same goes for other rooms. Include timeless pieces in your living room such as a leather sofa, a warm, cozy rug, and a nice wooden coffee table for contrast. Keep your kitchen sophisticated with cabinetry in earthy tones and introduce a minimalist dining table and chairs, too. To keep things cohesive indoors and outdoors, consider updating your outdoor furniture as well.

Use texture to add visual weight

Because minimalist interiors usually feature a monochromatic color palette, they require various textures that will add visual weight and liveliness to a room. Textiles are great for adding texture, especially area rugs. Take a look at the rug collections of the popular Miss Amara NZ as they offer many different styles of rugs that are also minimalist-friendly. Monochrome, Boho, jute, or antique โ€“ rugs will help add warmth and texture to your minimalist abode while also making it feel a lot cozier. Pillows and blankets are other great textural add-ons, so be sure to incorporate these as well. Remember to stay within your color palette and use heavily contrasting textures for a harmonious look.

Keep accessories to a minimum

The whole concept of minimalist style revolves around the notion that having fewer possessions can help us live a stress-free life. For that reason, minimalist spaces are often decorated in a way that might feel insufficient โ€“ they often feel unfinished, like something is lacking. But thatโ€™s the charm of minimalist style โ€“ less is more and decorating with a curated set of decor pieces while embracing symmetry goes a long way in delivering the maximum impact. To create that pared-down look and embrace minimalism in your home, go for quality pieces that make a statement, and only decorate with items that you really love. Try to stick to neutrals and consider adding some greenery as well.

Include chic storage

Being space-savvy is an essential component when living in a minimalist space, so introducing practical storage units is a must. Opt for classic, timeless pieces that will add elegance to your home. Hidden storage is also a good way to get rid of the clutter, so consider buying furniture with hidden compartments. Storage ottomans, benches, and sliding coffee tables are a great way to get rid of all the mess in a matter of seconds, keeping your surfaces clean and clear. Other than looking chic and elegant, they can keep all the things away, providing you with clear surfaces that are imperative for the minimalist aesthetic.

Designing your living space in a minimalist style requires a certain mindset. Less is more, and a lack of things means simple living. The keep-it-simple philosophy that minimalism is based on will affect your choice of furniture, design, and decoration of your home. Nevertheless, it can be plenty of fun, and by using our six tips for designing your living space youโ€™ll be creating a relaxing oasis in your home that you can enjoy and appreciate.

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