You must have come across the term minimalism by now. If not you must have heard the term ‘decluttering’ which was popularized by Marie Kondo. What exactly is minimalism?

“It’s all about only buying things that you actually need”

 What? That`s it? Yes, it’s all about living with less.

I wish they taught this in school -I’ll just add it to the list of all the other important lessons that they DID NOT teach us.

How can one become a minimalist?

Before your mind gets artificially programmed into buying useless crap, simply ask yourself “Do I really need this?”

What are the benefits of minimalism?

  •  Saves you a ton of money. A TON of money. Minimalistic lifestyle will save you money in such a way that leaving the high paying soul-sucking-corporate-job doesn`t feel as bad as everyone tells you it will be. (But if you are one of those people who get excited by showing off your possessions on social media on a daily basis, minimalism is not for you).
  • Less time spent cleaning while you are at home – this includes clothes, and all other clutter that we accumulate inside the house for years.
  • More time to pause, reflect, learn, work on your startup, be present for your family and anything else you would actually love to do to enhance your quality of life.
  • Minimalism will guide you to move towards a more religious/spiritual path (whichever you believe in) as the realization of “you are not what you own” sinks in.
  • Simplifies your life – even after a long day at work, you walk into a clutter-free clean house.

Try and see. 

If your current highly consumeristic lifestyle works for you, go on doing that too ☺ or you could adopt a semi-minimalistic lifestyle.

 Whatever that works, right?

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