Getting married to your soulmate is one of the most incredible milestones. After putting a ring on it, planning and organizing the marriage of your dreams start to roll in. For a wedding to be successful and memorable, it is imperative to make sure the guests can have the time of their lives.

Planning the intricate details and itinerary of a wedding can be daunting, but with the right strategies and initiatives, you can pull it off without breaking a sweat. The wedding ceremony is the essential part, but the majority of the people are looking forward to the reception where they can break into their dancing shoes and enjoy themselves.

Celebrating this special union with your friends and family after the ceremony creates fond memories that everyone can look back to. To help you organize the best wedding ever, here are some fun and unique receptions, ideas, activities, and tips.

Be Unapologetically Yourself

This is the most special day of your life. Your fiance loves just the way you are, and you also love the way they are. This event is all about celebrating your love and being yourself, enjoying the day with your dearest ones.

Go all out on your preferences and be unapologetically yourselves. The songs for wedding party entrance donโ€™t have to be too extravagant. You can check out some romantic wedding playlists to pick your favourite ones before the wedding. Remember, the goal is to keep the playlist simple, have great booze, and choose a great place where everyone can make merry.

It would help if you kept in mind that every bride and groom is different. You can get some inspiration from the weddings you have liked but do not go out of your way to be like them. This wedding should only be all about what your better half and you want.

This is a great time where you can embrace your partnerโ€™s and your quirks. For instance, if both of you are Potterheads, you can have a Yule Ball-themed wedding, have faith in your tastes and dislikes and have the most fun wedding reception you have dreamt of.

Charming Wedding Favors

To give the guests a fond keepsake or souvenir, usually, wedding reception favors are given to the guests. However, most guests scrap these items, especially when it has the dates and names of the wedding. Moreover, it has no use and becomes a piece of junk after a few years.

To make it unique and have more purpose, give guests something they can use and enjoy. Most people prefer getting edible wedding favors, and you can also ensure that they will be happy to consume them. It can be sweet like sugar cookies with personalized icing, homemade chocolate chip cookies, chocolate clusters, or cake pops.

You can also opt for mini bottles of champagne, fruit-infused alcohol, or fruity cordials. There are vast options for wedding favors, and you can get inspiration from insightful sites like Pinterest.

Thoughtfully Planned Seating

As the bride and groom, you will not be readily available to introduce different guests to each other. To make it easier for guests and minimize any form of social anxiety, put some thought behind the seating chart. To get the ball rolling, you can group the people who know each other.

Place the seatings of people with similar interests together when dealing with seating people who do not know each other. Such thoughtful seating arrangement will make the guests feel comfortable, and there will be lesser instances of someone being socially awkward.

Arrange a Fun Photo Booth

Photo booths have always been raved by people, and they are a crowd favorite. You can have an incredible backdrop with some quirky props. The guests will have a great time taking silly and fun pictures. It will also be a great keepsake that everyone can take home and always look back to the fond memories.

These photos will also be an excellent idea for wedding favors. You can also have the personalized watermark of your wedding initials on the images to make them more unique and special. The watermark can also be your wedding hashtag or a profound phrase like โ€œThe Time of Our Lives.โ€

Rent a 360 Video Booth

To add some more excitement and oomph to the wedding, you can rent a 360 video booth. It is one of the hottest forms of entertainment in events that are trending right now. Celebrities like Priyanka Chopra and Lilly Singh have got one of these bad boys for their parties.

Despite being a video booth, it is widely known as the 360 photo booth. It consists of a platform to which a video camera is attached that revolves around the venue. The results are spectacular, and everyone will legit have fun with it.

People have to step on the platform while the camera spins around them to capture a slow-motion video. Once the session is complete, the user can send the recorded videos via email or text directly from the special event.

You can also apply a customized backdrop or overlay graphic that matches your wedding theme. This latest video booth can be the perfect addition to your wedding reception. Everyone can flaunt themselves and feel like celebrities when using this fun technology.

Fix a Cocktail Hour

Cocktail hours are great as the beverages are great icebreakers, and people can mingle with each other and have a fun time. It also keeps the guests busy and entertained while the bride and groom take good pictures.

Cocktail hours are also great for breaking up long receptions. It also loosens up everyone, and they can all join the dance floor, take great photos, walk around and socialize. You can utilize this time to take phenomenal pictures with your significant other without worrying about the guests or any interruptions.

Planning and Deciding on the Music

Music plays a big role in keeping your guests entertained. You can hire professional DJs or bands to perform and play the songs at the redemption. You can also opt for a Spotify or iTunes playlist to set the vibe.

You can support local bands by hiring one to play your wedding. It is wise to go for bands that have experience in playing in special events like weddings. A DJ is also a commendable option. To go along with the changing vibes in each wedding setting, they play different types of music. They feel the different atmospheres and levels of energy on the dancefloor and adjust the music accordingly.

It is crucial to discuss with the musicians about the different genres of music you would like to be played at the reception. Some professionals may insist on having autonomy on the playlist; it is recommended to steer clear of this level of unreasonable entitlement. It is your big day, after all.

Whether you have chosen a DJ or a live band, it is imperative to give them a detailed itinerary of all the phases of the wedding.  To ensure that they can appropriately tailor the music, you need to provide a precise schedule from the beginning till the end. Start from the arrival of the guests and then to the cocktail hour and reception.

Do not forget to mention the important moments like the first dance, mother and son dance, etc. If you have a tight budget, you can play a Spotify or iTunes playlist on the first half of the entirety of the wedding. The best aspects of this option are that you have complete control of the music and it does not cost much.

However, it takes time to curate personalized playlists for the different activities of the wedding. It also requires some thorough planning and can be pretty stressful. You can delegate this task and responsibility to your best man, maid of honor, or some close friends. This will certainly reduce your stress, and you can focus on your wedding.

Get Creative with the Food and Beverages

Everyone loves delicious food and premium alcohol. It is the best way to win the guestโ€™s hearts. You can set up fun finger food stations at the wedding reception, like a sโ€™mores station or interactive doughnut walls. It is an innovative take on regular food and drinks.

The guests will have the energy to socialize and dance when they have a stray stream of snacks around. They will undoubtedly take a break from all the dancing and return to the edible stations to refuel.

Final Thoughts

Weddings are wholesome events that help you commemorate this stepping stone to a new adventure. To make the event more memorable and profound, it is essential to ensure your guests have a fun time and can enjoy themselves.

You can effortlessly pull off incredible wedding receptions with the proper planning. Bebe yourself and play great music paired with delicious food and fruity beverages.

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