Bars and restaurants are different from each other in a lot of different ways, but one major difference is the alcohol. There are different types of alcohol that can be served at different establishments. In this article, you will learn about the different types of premium alcohol and how to choose one for your establishment.


Premium rum is one of the best drinks you can try, especially if it has added flavors. The people working at say that the best rum requires the highest quality ingredients to ensure a distinctively smooth experience. You should choose this when you want to treat yourself or if you are having a party.

Rum is different than other types of alcohol because it has more flexibility in the different flavors added and can be used for different purposes, such as parties, cooking with food dishes, mixed drinks like rum punch which consists of dark rum along with pineapple juice & orange juice or sipped straight up. It also comes in different varieties including white/light rum (clear), spiced rum, overproof rum (stronger), and flavored rums so thereโ€™s something for everyone!


Whiskey is one of the most popular types of premium alcohol, along. It is different from some other types because it has a variety of different tastes depending on where the whiskey was produced.

When choosing between different brands or styles of whiskey, you should consider your taste preferences and what foods are being served at the event that you are attending. For example, if there will be tacos served at an outdoor party during taco Tuesday then Jameson would probably go best with those flavors while something lighter like Irish whisky might not pair as well since it’s more subtle in flavor profile compared to the bolder American type whiskies.

Here are some different types of whiskeys:

  • Jameson: This whiskey is different than other types because it’s Irish and much lighter in flavor.
  • Jack Daniels: It has a different flavor profile than Jameson because it is sweeter and bolder in taste.
  • Glenlivet: This whiskey has a different flavor profile because it’s different due to the fact that it is more subtle.
  • Irish whisky: This whiskey has a lighter flavor profile because it’s different from other types.
  • American whisky: This whiskey has a different flavor profile than Irish whisky because it is bolder.
  • Canadian whisky: This whiskey is different than other types because it’s lighter in flavor.


Cognac is well-liked around the world and is a type of premium alcohol that has different varieties. The different types include V.S., V.S.O, XO, Extra Old Reserve which can be further broken down into several categories including VSOP to indicate the year in which the liquid was produced with exception to vintage years when only two digits are used for example 1990 or 2002 instead of XXI or XXII respectively (source).

You should choose it when looking for a good to drink by itself or with dessert. It will add a lot of enjoyment to your sweets.


Brandy is a fancy type of alcohol drink that is different from others because it comes in different flavors. It can be made with any kind of fruit, but most are made with grapes. Brandy has a sweet flavor and is usually drank after dinner or at parties as an “after meal” drink. When choosing brandy choose between different types like apple cider, grapefruit, and different kinds of grapes.

Drink it when you are having an after-meal dessert and want it as a chaser for something sweet like chocolate cake.


You should drink wine with your meal because it helps you digest it. It has different types of flavors to choose from and different brands that you can purchase. If you are having an appetizer then go with something sweet, like Riesling or Moscato. For the main course try Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir , Bordeaux, Malbec , Shiraz/Syrah.

Pinot Grigio if you decide on fish or chicken for dinner because it goes well with seafood and poultry dishes. Choose Chardonnay for pork chops or duck breast because Chardonnay pairs nicely with these meats.


Gin is great for cocktails because it can be mixed with different flavors. It can be enjoyed with different mixers like iced tea, lemonade, or even coke depending on your mood and what you’re having for dinner!

It’s great for parties because different people like different flavors, so you can easily accommodate your guests. Gin is also great to drink on its own or with a little bit of ice for those who prefer something more subtle and easy to drink. It has long been enjoyed by many types of professionals due to how it brings out their creativity in the workplace!

Premium alcohol is always enjoyable to drink. If you want something truly special, then choose spiced rum. Whiskey has different types which give different experiences, while brandy and cognac are great for deserts. Wine is the best drink for the main course while gin can be mixed with almost anything creating a great cocktail. Whichever you choose, be careful how you drink it and enjoy yourself!

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