When envisaging a perfect home, many want a separate living room and dining room. But, the reality is often different, which is why a combined solution is often the best one. Merging two rooms together requires a bit of planning, especially if you want to end up with truly stunning results. The decor is an important aspect of every interior space, so for that reason, here are some handy and practical tips for decorating a combined living and dining room.

1. Divide the space

When you have two rooms together, you want to create either a seamless entity or to visually divide the space. The second option is a good one if you have enough room to pull it off. You can either use an L-shaped sofa, set up a counter, or install floor-to-roof panels. These can prompt endless decor ideas, such as a giant pot plant or throw pillows. In case you need additional storage solutions, then a bookshelf or a cabinet are also great ideas.

2. Consider a wall accent

In case you don’t want to divide the space, then it’s essential to use transitive elements that will bring two rooms together. A wall accent that goes through both areas acts as a visual tie that brings two rooms together. This is an amazing solution since there are numerous ideas to play with: wooden panels, floral wallpaper, or bold color can bring life to the room and create a gorgeous and visually organized area. If you happen to have a small dining room space, it’s essential to decorate it without sacrificing other functional aspects.

3. Use a similar color palette

Ideally, two rooms should share a similar color palette. White or being neutral tones are always a safe bet, as they tend to flow through the space and make it seem more open. If you want some eye-catching details, then feel free to install an accent wallpaper or use decor elements such as rugs, wall art, or lighting fixtures. Also, such colors can be inspiring if you’re aiming for a rustic design for your living room. The monochromatic color scheme works best in this case, as it creates a wholesome space that successfully brings two separate rooms together.

4. Focus on classic solutions

When furnishing two combined rooms, you need to find classic pieces and solutions that won’t depend on fleeting trends. If you need a big dining table, then custom-made Amish dining room furniture is the best solution. It’s low-maintenance, environmentally friendly, and most importantly, timeless. A classic furniture piece can last for generations, while still remaining durable and in good condition. Buying massively-produced trendy pieces might seem like a fun idea, but it’s better when you focus on timeless elegance rather than short-lived fads.

5. Don’t forget about the lighting fixtures

The lighting fixtures play a prominent role, especially during the evening hours. Whether you opt for hanging fixtures, floor lamps, or something else, you should make sure that both rooms are well-lit for any particular activity e.g. dining. That’s why general lighting is a must, while task lighting fixtures will ensure the best visibility. Since we’ve mentioned that a monochromatic color palette is a great idea, it’s also important to add that diffused ceiling lighting will add extra depth to the space.

6. Introduce round-shaped elements

Whether you’re trying to save some space or infuse your living room with some well-needed essentials, there’s one thing clear: round elements are important as they visually enhance the space. A round area rug or a coffee table will be a great addition to the living room, especially if you’re trying to create a focal point. Your dining room may also benefit from a round dining table or chairs, especially if there’s a lack of space, to begin with.

7. Opt for multifunctional pieces

Again, many people happen to live in smaller spaces, and in that case, multifunctional pieces of furniture can be of help. That will also make the space seem larger. That’s why a mergeable two-piece table might be a great addition as it gives you more room. A drop-leaf table or a sofa bed are also excellent solutions, especially if you tend to have frequent overnight guests.

8. Don’t overcrowd

Sure, having many stunning decor pieces and furniture might seem like a fun idea, but the key to creating a flowing space is to never be overcrowded. Keep things minimal mainly if you live in a smaller space. Clutter is the enemy of such spaces, as they make them look even more cramped. Also, opting for hanging lamps instead of table lamps will free up the surface and give you multiple storage solutions.

Wrapping up

When there are two rooms combined, it’s essential to visually unite the space without too many design elements. A monochromatic color scheme will make that happen, while round, quality furniture will give you extra space. As long as you keep things flowy and simple, without sacrificing functionality, your combined rooms will look amazing and serve their best purpose.

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