Unlike popular belief, the use of cushions is not restricted only to the bedroom. They are an incredible addition to the dรฉcor of any room in the house, including living rooms, lounge spaces, balconies, and even pergolas as well as other outdoor living areas. A few throw cushions on the floor or furniture of any space can go a long way in accentuating the entire look.

Nonetheless, using cushions as design elements requires a tab bit of creativity. For the best results, the aspects of balance, harmony, and theme should be keenly observed. This means choosing the right cushion size, cushion fabric, colors, patterns, and texture. If you need some inspiration on designing your interior or exterior living space with cushions, this piece is for you. Here are some awesome cushion design options you and your household will find amazing.

1. Choose Quality Cushion Covers

Before we even get to some awesome options out there that you should try, you need to know one thing. Much of the appeal in a cushion lies on the top cover. When decorating with cushions, it is overly important to select the right cushion covers. As displayed by Simply Cushions, there is a wide range of cushion options you can choose from to suit your needs. Some of the factors to consider when selecting cushion covers may include:

  • The space of use โ€“ Whether outdoor, indoor, or floor
  • Cushion size โ€“ Where the cushions will be installed
  • Color โ€“ To blend well with the rest of your dรฉcor elements/items
  • Cushion material โ€“ Cotton, velvet linen, polyester, knitted, or faux fur
  • Cushion design โ€“ Plain, stripped, boho, chevron, Scandi, kids, floral, etc.

Once you know what you need based on these factors, you can transform your living space into spectacular scenery that your family and the guests will marvel at.

2. Knot Cushions

This design has for long captured the attention of millions across social media channels and other internet platforms. It exhibits fun, playfulness, and class all in one item. Many people opt for it over the conventional type because it makes the space more alive. The cushions are available in the market in different sizes and colors.

However, if you are the creative type or take pride in handmade items, you can opt for the DIY knot cushion option. Many instruction tutorials on the internet will simplify your work. While knot cushions are mostly made from stretchy cotton, any stretchy fabric can get the job done. It is necessary to select a durable one to ensure you get value for your money.

3. Chunky Knit Cushions

This is a design type you cannot go wrong with. It has a soft feel that is very comfortable to touch or lean on. The cushions are made of merino wool yarn that is skillfully woven to bring an aesthetically pleasing design. There are many designs available, including the round ball, chunky knit, or a star. These varieties make them fit for every room. The chunky type can be used in your living room to bring out a touch of low-key sophistication.

The ball and the star will look good on the floor or in the outdoor space. The main advantage is that the material used does not absorb dirt easily, making it easy to keep clean. Also, you do not have to be a stitching expert to make an easy DIY of the same.

4. Fur Cushions

If you are unsure of which design to go for, this can be a great pick. This is because the transcendent design complements every space. Imagine the feeling when you hold your favorite cuddly fellow. This is the experience you get when using fur cushions. They are made of faux fur that is very soft to touch. It is also warm, a factor you will appreciate in the winter. Besides, the simple design can transform an ordinary living space into a magazine cover type. They add class and style to bring out a chic look on pieces of furniture and floors.

The fluffy cushions are available in various stores and in different colors and sizes. Therefore, go ahead and give your home a celebrity appearance with these cushions without breaking the bank. However, when getting this design, opt for the anti-shedding variety to ensure the bushy nature is maintained.

Cushions never grow old when it comes to adding comfort and beauty into living space. With the right amount of inspiration and creativity, you may not need to invest so much money, time, and effort in design for your living space. The above tips should help you out when it comes to designing your space using cushions.

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