POV: You’ve walked into your kitchen and turned on the light. Not a spark of inspiration alights within you. You turn off the light and walk away.

That mouth-watering breakfast you were about to prepare, ditched. That Sunday’s soulful lunch menu was shelved. And this can happen in any space. You turn on the lights in the garage, it’s dim and dingy, your inspiration for some DIY projects disappears. You were optimistic about completing some after-hours work at the office, but something about the lights just lowers your motivation to perform.

Here are some great ways to spruce up the lighting situation wherever you may find yourself.

Rethink Your Bulb Selection

Take a quick check to become aware of what light bulbs you currently have at your home, on your desk at work, and in your warehouse or factory. If they are incandescent or compact fluorescent true satisfaction cannot be had. The greater consumption of energy resulting in higher electricity bills cannot bring happiness. Having to swap out a bulb every time you turn around cannot foster joy and satisfaction.

Make the switch to LED! The New York Times places LED bulbs at the helm of the light bulb revolution. Energy star-tagged LEDs use up to eighty-five percent less energy than incandescent bulbs. Statistics accumulated over the last ten years have shown a steady decline in electricity usage in American households that have changed to LED. This change has been termed ‘staggering.’ Even with high demand, the price has not been raised. Join your home to those numbers today!

Marvel at the longevity of your lights which can extend up to twenty-five times longer than other bulbs. You will also appreciate that less heat is emanated as energy is focused on light production. As mentioned by the folks at ViriBright.com, you can choose from a wide range of options. These include bulbs, panels, and downlights. Upgrade your light fixtures to LED, then sit back and enjoy. You will observe no flickering and zero humming. Installation is quick and easy.

Decide On A Centerpiece

Having a focal lighting fixture in a room can serve many purposes. Consider an LED outfitted chandelier in the dining room or for a smaller room, a rustic lamp. Light sources which are obviously bigger or set apart from others in the same room immediately draw the attention of anyone entering that room. Apart from the magnificence of the structure of a chandelier itself, LEDs are able to direct light in a single direction making the impact that much more powerful. Pendant lights and string lights can bring an element of drama and wonder. From floor lighting to ceiling panels, an eye-catching light feature is sure to improve the ambiance of any room.


This might seem counterintuitive because surely, to improve lighting that must mean to go brighter. Not necessarily. Definitely bright and striking lights have their place but so does a more cozy ambiance. You may be watching a movie or preparing for a nap. You might want a romantic dinner with your significant other or to set the stage for a surprise party. In such situations, lights blaring and lights completely off don’t work. A happy in between is what is needed. An LED dimmer can set the stage exactly as you like.

If your lights don’t come with this feature, a dimmer switch can be separately installed using basic tools. Turn off the power. With a screwdriver, remove the covering of your light switch. Join your dimmer switch wires to the corresponding outlet wires, capping off all others not utilized. Replace your covering and done! If this sounds too complicated, by all means, enlist some help.

Get Creative With Shades

By shades, I mean both your lampshades and shades of color you choose. Have light in a more diffused manner or a more concentrated one based on the color you select. Select a lighter color for light to disperse more freely around you. A darker, deeper color will cause light to stick closer to its source. Lampshade designs are endless.

Not only will they enhance your space as an additional source of light, but their beauty also adds character wherever they’re placed.

Whether the intention is for work or play, for function or beauty, lights can deliver. Choose high-quality bulbs, tubes, and panels. This is the basis for a successful space. Forget about constantly changing out bulbs. Have no worries about broken panels. That irritating sound lights tend to make when they’re going bad, a thing of the past. All that heat some bulbs shower on you instead of light. Do away with all these ancient concerns. The time has come to make the change to the leading light source on the market. Make that change.

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