When cupid decides to strike his arrow upon your back, the sweet messages, flowers, date nights, gifts, and the lengthy late-night calls are your portion. But wait until the angel of darkness steps foot into your relationship. It feels as if your world broke and shattered into a million pieces in the blink of an eye!

Breakups can be tough to deal with. Many people go into depression the moment it happens. Some even lose their minds or turn into completely different people. But no matter how much you loved your ex, the best you can do is to love yourself now more than ever. Itโ€™s the best way to create room to love and be loved again, by the same or another person! But because it is often easier said than done, here are seven ways to pick yourself back up after a terrible breakup.

1. Give Yourself Time to Grieve

Having your world to revolve around someone can turn into a nightmare when they decide they no longer need you in their life. You will feel stabbed, suffocated, and we have heard of people committing suicide for lost love in worst-case scenarios. The hole will be deep, but if you give yourself enough time to heal, you will get over it. Do not rush to rekindle things or seek rebounds. Face the heartbreak, and no matter how long it takes, you will heal. Time heals all wounds, or does it?

2. Look at the Brighter Side of the Situation

The fact that you are reading this probably means you can relate to this subject or, better yet, you have experienced it. Do not give up on love just because someone decided to ditch and give up on you. In her article at RebelLove.com, Abigale Foster urges that happiness is a project and a process. It constitutes several variables and involves putting in a series of efforts that may be unpleasant. It is easier said than done, but nothing is impossible to a willing heart.

You can choose to believe that the heartbreak was a blessing in disguise. Try to see that it all failed to work out for a good reason and that a better person is coming your way. If you must, you can assume that you never met the person. With this attitude, you can live life to the fullest. After all, itโ€™s never that serious.

3. Keep Distance from Your Ex

Some people consider it childish but block them on every avenue you think you can meet them. This will work best if your ex is the cause of the breakup. Constantly seeing them on Facebook or Instagram could spark hurtful feelings that lead to stalking, which is not what you need right now. Delete their contacts, and do not call or text. Creating any contact will deepen the wounds, and you may end up getting back together not because you want to but because you feel lonely.

4. Release the Emotions

Someone you had great plans with and badly wanted to grey together with just decided that they no longer need your love and company. It hurts, and it is betrayal, but we move! Do not pretend to be okay while you are dying inside. Let the emotions flow but do not let them consume you. Do not go drinking and starving. You can let them out by talking to a confidant, exercising, yoga, meditation, or doing what you love.

5. Accept the Situation

It has happened. Stop blaming yourself. You can do nothing about it, and all you have to do is face the real situation. Instead of reminiscing on the days when love used to reign, focus on the flaws. It will help you ground your emotions, and when you think of contacting your ex, you will hesitate. Accept the highs and lows of dealing with heartbreak, and it will help you move on. Love yourself enough to know that you deserve the best the world can offer.

6. Pursue Something New

Take yourself for treats, reward yourself when you have done well, take trips, attend events, and do things that make you happy. Keep in mind that you are all that matters at that moment. Get that tattoo, a new hair color, or that piercing you have always admired. Just do anything that sobers your sanity and brings more happiness. Join the gym, a support group, a night class, take risks, a solo vacation, among other options that might cross your mind. Concentrate on your wellbeing.

7. Find a Shoulder to Lean On

Just because someone decided to dump you does not mean that you are not worthy of love and company. We all have someone who will stick by us no matter the situation. Allow friends and family to come through for you in their imperfect ways. If you feel uneasy about it, then find someone you can trust and open up to about the issue. Do not let that feeling of the hurt compound you into driving people away and losing your mind. It will help you avoid depression.

Heart breaking couple
Photo by Kat Jayne from Pexels

Heartbreaks are normal. They cause grief, eat into our time, and affect our quality of life. The best part is that the wounds they leave are not permanent. The above few tips can help you heal, find peace, and get back up after a downing heartbreak.

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