When you love traveling, every new place provides you with a unique experience and memorable moments. However, not all of us are looking for the same type of adventure. While some people prefer cruises, others would much rather backpack through Europe. But no matter your preferences, there are specific destinations that fall under the must-visit category.

One city that holds a prominent place on the map of Europe and famous for its rich history and culture is Venice. Known as a Floating City, this Italian gem has been capturing the imagination of artists for centuries. If you’re one of many who want to experience the atmosphere of this amazing place, you need to be aware of these things:

Iconic View from The Accademia Bridge

Let’s be honest. You will have millions of beautiful things to see while walking the streets of Venice. As stated by the travel experts from expertvagabond.com/venice-italy-things-to-do/, this city will provide you with numerous quirky, unique, unusual, and secret sports to discover. Here, every day is a new adventure, and you will love every second you spend there.

Still, there are some places that stand out when it comes to the visual stimuli they provide to the viewer. One of those is the view you get from the Accademia Bridge at the canal’s outlet and the Saint Maria Basilica. The colors the sky gets during sunrises and sunsets are simply breathtaking. It is definitely something you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

Ride on a Gondola

Visiting Venice and not riding on a gondola down one of the numerous city canals would be like going to Paris and never seeing an Eiffel Tower. The rides are seen as very romantic and can be a perfect experience for couples. With a glass of wine in one hand and the other hand wrapped around your loved one, this is definitely one of the best ways to see the beauty of this old European city. But don’t be shocked when you hear the price as they are rather costly.

Try The Local Cuisine

From their impeccable fashion style to some of the most delicious wines, there is no doubt Italians are people of great taste. But the thing everybody loves them for is their fantastic cuisine. Venice is not an exception when it comes to delicious meals. Whether you’re able to afford to eat in high-end restaurants and luxurious hotels or you’re traveling on a budget and can only afford street food, you will not be disappointed. Find out what are the famous local dishes and don’t be afraid to try it.

Go to The Saint Mark’s Square       

The city is known for its remarkable architecture. Although Venice as a whole can be seen as a monument to the ingenuity of humans throughout the centuries, St. Mark’s Square represents the heart of this city. This vast open space is surrounded by impressive buildings such as St. Mark’s Basilica and the 10th largest structure in Italy – Bell Tower. Dedicated to the city’s patron saint, if you have time and don’t mind waiting in line, the view from this tower will leave you speechless.

Coffee Is Expensive

Places that rely on tourism heavily are generally expensive, and Venice is no exception. Be aware that in Italy, sitting down in a café and enjoying a cup of espresso or cappuccino will cost you more than if you decide to drink it at the counter. The prices will be even higher when you do that in places like Piazza San Marco. Even deciding to take your coffee standing will be quite costly for those who are traveling on a limited budget. So, try to enjoy this fantastic drink away from the major tourist spots, and you will save yourself a lot of money.

Doge's Palace, Venice
Doge’s Palace, Venice

Be Prepared to Get Lost

This city is like a huge labyrinth. No matter how good of a map you’re using, there is a good chance you’ll get lost. You just need to accept this as part of the Venice experience and enjoy it. This way, you will most certainly end up finding some hidden gems. However, this can be a problem for those visiting for just a couple of days and want to see as much as they can, stay relaxed, and appreciate the beauty all around you.  

Venice is one of the Old Continent crown jewels, and there is no doubt that visiting it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. And these tips will help you enjoy your stay there even more. 

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