Fundraising is a great way for nonprofits, schools and other organizations to get the funding they need. There are many different Americans that participate in giving charitably in some way. There are also many online fundraising platforms that help people from all over the world fundraise. This one here is a particularly popular platform that you may want to consider trying out – Even if you’re only slightly tech-savvy, setting up your own online fundraiser here should be a piece of cake.

However, fundraising is a very broad term as there are dozens (and potentially even hundreds) of different types of fundraising that can take place. While some are quite common like a bake sale or raffle, some are a little more unique. Oftentimes, a unique fundraiser can attract more attention (and dollars) as many people may have never seen it before.

Without any further ado, this article is going to take a closer look at five unique fundraising ideas you probably havenโ€™t tried.

Selling Personalized Socks

While some custom clothing fundraisers do take place, they are usually with shirts or jackets. If you want to take a few steps out of the box, consider selling personalized socks as a fundraiser. Everyone wears them, and they can be customized to have any logo, design, color or photo on them. You can choose fromย crazy socks for kids, black soccer socks, calf high socks & calf length socks that can be a great fundraising idea, if youโ€™re supporting a good cause like, accumulating funds for breast cancer patients.ย 

This makes them perfect for sports team fundraisers, school fundraisers or a fundraiser for your organization. Of course, be sure to find a quality supplier. Companies like Elite Sports Socks suggests working with a provider that has a lot of experience in the space. This will ensure that the order and request is accurately fulfilled and delivered.

Car Smash or Related Fundraiser

Everyone has a little pent-up aggression sitting inside, and what better way to allow people to let that out then with a car smash fundraiser. These fundraisers include the organizers getting an old vehicle, and allowing people to smash it up with a sledgehammer or bat for a small fee/donation to the cause.

It can be a great way for people to let out their stress and aggression in a controlled way, while also helping raise important funds. This especially makes sense for a fundraiser on saving the environment or addressing global warming, as vehicles can be quite harmful to our natural environment.

In addition to a car smash, there are other types of similar fundraisers that you could run. This includes rage rooms, dish smashing and several others. Even if you donโ€™t have any anger to let out, smashing a car or some plates for a good cause can be a fun thing to do for some.

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is not only a fun activity, but it can also be a great way to raise some funds. You can set up a scavenger hunt across the city, give a prize to first place, and charge a small fee for teams to enter, with all proceeds going to the cause. Teams will enter not only to win the prize, but also to have fun and raise money.

You could even get a little more creative and offer up some funny and unique ruleset changes. Perhaps if someone donates a certain amount of money, they can choose a team to wear a certain costume or uniform for the hunt. Ideas like this and the many others like it can spice up the event and raise more funds.

Create a Coupon Book

People love deals and sales, so a coupon book can be a great way to raise the funds you need. These books can be filled with dozens of different coupons and promotions from a wide range of local businesses. While creating one might seem like a large task, it can actually be quite easy.

Simply approach local businesses and see if they are willing to participate. Clothing stores, grocery stores, restaurants and nearly any other business can be approached. While not every company will participate, many likely will. It can be a good way for them to support a good cause, as well as get more customers into their store.

A Community Garden

People in many communities want to plant and start a garden, but many lack the space to do so. A community garden can be a great option for these individuals, and many of them would be willing to pay a small price for it.

You could charge a small fee for a plot on your garden space, and this could help raise the funds for your charity, organization or neighborhood. These gardeners would get their green space, while also helping out a good cause. If some people want to take things a step further, they could even decide to donate the plants, fruits and veggies that they plant and grow.

In conclusion, we hope that this article has been able to help show you some new and unique ideas for fundraising.

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