You can save money on your office space in many ways. You’ll find this article helpful if you’re planning to do so in London.  You’ll realize that it is not about minimizing the outlay of your office space, but maximizing the worth and value of your decision and always thinking ahead if possible.

However, minimizing your office space layout can also plays a role in saving money. Here are some of the ways are mentioned below:

1. Negotiate and Communicate

When dealing with London office space, it is important to know that there are a variety of negotiable costs that are always in place. With the current economic climate, there should be an opportunity for tenants to negotiate on the cost with their landlords. It is also recommended to use experts to do the negotiation for you.

In order to secure an office space in London, communication is key between the landlord and the tenant, tenant and agent or agent and landlord. Good communication is a priority to finding an office space in London.

Communication is an important part of negotiation and being thorough in communication hence negotiation can save you a lot of time which equates to saving you on money.

2. Have Your Actual Office Requirements Reconsidered

You can opt for an office space that has already been fit out. Depending on what you need, you can end up saving a lot of money especially by finding one which has already been fitted out on your actual requirements. You can also have your criteria broadened. The alterations you require on your office space can also be covered by the money you save.

3. Your Office Space Should be Utilized to the Maximum

This could mean cramming whichever thing you need into every cubic meter to prevent wastage of space. You should always remember that the most important asset in your business is your people. Ensure your office environment is designed properly for purposes of increase in productivity.

Always having this in mind can enable you to choose an office with a larger space to allow your staff work more efficiently. This will also save you a lot if you happen to have expansion plans. Properly thinking through office ergonomics will not only improve your productivity levels but will also reduce the likelihood of your staff to develop work-related health issues.

4. Think About your Location

Most seekers of London office space choose their locations based on their personal preferences. Rental costs varies depending on your location.

If your premises is not next to most clients, you can consider occupying an office space located in the ground level in the most prestigious area. If you are capable of attracting your business despite your location, do so.

5. Co-working Space

Invest in a co-working office in London with people not employed under the same organization as yours. It is a group of people working independently but share values. It offers solution to the isolation problem that most freelancers experience when working at home and at the same time keeping them away from home distractions.


The above-mentioned tips to saving money on your office space aren’t all about minimizing the space you are in but rather maximizing the value of the office space you have and making the most out of what you’ve got.

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