No matter how pleasant your office usually is, it can certainly become a real nightmare during the hot summer days. This is one of the reasons why summer is labelled as the least productive season of the year. A recent study has shown that productivity drops for around 20% between June and August, since employees find it exhausting and uncomfortable to work in a hot office. Still, there are some things you can do in order to make working on hot summer days more bearable. Here are 5 tips you should definitely check out.

Reduce Energy Use

Around 90% of the energy your light bulbs make is given off as heat. During the summer, it is already very difficult to deal with hot temperature and having lights on all the time makes it even worse. Meeting rooms and break rooms are not used all the time during the day and you should make sure that the lights in them are off when they are not in use. This will keep the rooms cool and ready for use when needed. Make sure you tell your staff to do the same. You can put up polite signs that will help them remember to turn the lights of.

Encourage a Balanced Diet

Encouraging proper diet and hydration is something you should do during the whole year. Still, it is absolutely necessary to do so, during the warmest months of the year. Drinking water and eating enough healthy food will help you and your employees keep your brains active and combat tiredness. You can install a water cooler which is going to make water always accessible to your employees. You should also think about keeping some fruit bowls around the office so they grab a healthy snack whenever they want to.

Get Rid of the Dress Code

There are many offices with strict dressing codes which have to be followed even during the hottest month of the year. It can be really difficult for your employees to work when they are feeling uncomfortable. That is why you should thing about getting rid of your dressing code during the summer. Instead, you should encourage your employees to dress in business casual clothing. This is a great idea for restoring productivity even when the weather is too hot. Also, when being allowed to work in their own attire, your staff will perform better and stay motivated.

Do a Spring Cleanup

No one wants to be trapped in a dusty and stuffy office during the hot days in the summer. That is why you should alsoconsider doing a spring cleanup. Sprucing up your office right before the summer starts is a great idea. You should make sure all the clutter is stored somewhere else and that windows are sparkling. Also, try to get rid of all the dust that has been piling up. By doing a big cleanup you will allow natural light and fresh air to get into the office during the summer.

Install an Air Conditioner

The best way to fight all the heat that may get into your office during the hot summer days is by installing an air conditioner in the office. Not only will it make the temperature in your office be more enjoyable but it will also supply your office with fresh air. Still, it is important to choose a quality air conditioner which will be able to cool down the whole office. There are companies specialized in residential air conditioning when in need of an air condition. They can help you choose the right air condition and install it.

Trying to make your office more enjoyable during the summer is always a good idea. Not only will your employees be more productive but your customers will also feel better once they enter a cool and comfortable office.

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