Cities are vastly urbanizing in the day. Open valleys are being replaced by massive buildings and skyscrapers, residential areas are adapting to apartment blocks and people live in houses secluded from the bliss of nature and –most of all –fresh air to breathe.

Air pollution and global warming are real, but as an individual, it’s not in our authority nor capability to change the course of it. Besides, most of the air purifiers in the market only do a half job and not the complete task. However, there is a worthy solution. Yes, Portable Air Conditioners in the present are quite advanced.

Before jumping right into it, let’s differentiate the varieties of air quality enhancers. 

Which does what?

There are about four types of air quality enhancers. Which are;

  1. Air Conditioners 
  2. Air Purifiers 
  3. Humidifiers 
  4. Dehumidifiers 

All of these four does a different task from one another. An air conditioner is built to transmit cool air indoors while exhaling warm air outside. This is precisely what an air condition does and not more. Especially during a warm summer’s day, an air condition would alone be divine.

Air Purifiers, on the other hand, does not care for a cool surrounding but rather works on removing pollutant particles, bacteria, pollen and smoke containing in the indoor air that we breathe. It’s more of a mechanical lung filter which is a very important device in a regular urban household.

Humidifiers are used for comfort reasons to bring warmth within the atmosphere. One might not necessarily need a humidifier to sustain body warmth but more towards creating a luxurious sense. These are mostly kept in workplaces and hotels etc.

Dehumidifiers, on the other hand, are quite rare to find and are used to eliminate humidity in the atmosphere. These devices would remove moisture from the air. When there is no vapour to retain heat, the atmosphere would cool down gradually.

What are Portable Air Conditioners?

Technology keeps developing and various new inventions are been tested for comfort living. Individual devices that do single tasks are merged and combined together to provide a better solution. The two most essential air quality enhancers are Air Conditioners and Air Purifiers. Buying both separately would take a massive toll on your wallet, hence why in the present day Portable Air Conditioners are quietly picking up the market.

Although finding a quality portable air conditioner can be a difficult task. It’s surely a cheaper option compared to a central air conditioner.

The benefits of a Portable Air Conditioner

If you’re living on rent or looking for convenience, portable air conditioners are the ideal suit for you. Besides, they are easy to move around and dispose too. They are overall efficient and effective.

Listed below are the basic benefits of portable Air Conditioners.

  • They are versatile  – They don’t only do the cooling task but also acts as a purifier. These are built for multipurpose and would fit in right anywhere.
  • Cost-effective – The energy consumption of portable devices is much lower compared to centralized air conditioners. Less electricity consumption equals less electricity cost.
  • Ideal for temporary usage – Unlike large air conditioners, portable ones can be used temporarily for events such as weddings, conferences, parties, etc. Even if you’re switching apartments, you can carry your own portable air conditioner with you.
  • No restrictions – As portable air conditioners are rather small in size, there are no restrictions in moving it from one place to another. Additionally, cleaning up a portable Air Conditioner is easier and simpler than a centralized one.
  • Cools and dehumidifiers at the same time (most devices) – Most portable Air Conditioners do the dehumidifying part as well. While it cools down, it manages to maintain a comfortable warmth in the atmosphere.

How to purify the air in your home

Do you live in an urban city? The air you breathe may not be the best for you. Especially the air revolving around your home where you spend quality time at. But, you can elevate the air quality of your house by purifying it. If the doors and windows of your house can be sealed properly, portable air conditioners would be effective. All it takes is an efficient Portable Air Conditioner with an air purifier that would do the job for you.


So there you go! Lost between two choices? This is the descriptive answer to the doubt you had in your mind. Yes, many portable air conditioners do purify the air at home. If you’re wondering whether to purchase a central air conditioner or a portable air purifying and cooling device, we would suggest the portable air purifying and cooling device. Both have its equal advantages and disadvantages. Think through your requirements and pick a suitable choice!

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