People’s habits change considerably when there is a recession. Obviously, they spend less money and they don’t go out nearly as much.

And part of those habits correlate to how they spend their time online. Their search history will paint a very vivid picture of what their priorities are when there is less money around due to a loss of a job, or general anxiety about losing one in the near future.

During times of unemployment, more people take up blogging as a way to make money with the extra time on their hands. If you are one of them, then you want to factor in the recession when coming up with the ideal blogging topic to make money.

In this article, I will go over several topics that will be making money in the recession to help you avoid spending time on a non profitable niche.

1 – Personal finance

People are rightly concerned about their money during a recession. Even if they have a steady job and are not likely to be laid off, they worry about protecting their money.

If you have any type of finance background, this is a great time to start a blog to help people with their personal finances. Competition is fierce in this niche so you’ll have to find ways to stand out.

Look into things like some alternative ways to invest during an economic downturn and even investing in cryptocurrency. People are going to be looking into Bitcoin and other crypto so those are ways to make money online that pay very well with affiliate commissions.

2 – Frugal living 

Are you good at stretching a dime? Do you have a lot of useful tips that can help people save money when they are out of work?

Then a frugal living blog can be both helpful for your readers and lucrative for you. It may seem counterintuitive to make money from people that aren’t spending much themselves. But, people are willing to pay for a solution to their problem.

If you have enough content to put into an ebook, you can use the traffic to your blog to sell your own product that helps people save money.

3 – DIY and how-to

When people don’t have much money, but also do have plenty of time, they start trying to fix their own problems. DIY projects become very popular as people don’t want to pay for certain things.

If you have some woodworking experience, then a blog about making your own furniture could be very profitable as people would rather pay for lumbar and make their own shelves instead of buying them.

And when there is a problem, like a clogged toilet, they will be seeking their own solutions rather than hire a plumber.

4 – Exercise

People are not going to be spending much money going to the gym. If you have a blog about exercising at home, then this could be very popular and make quite a bit of money. Home gym equipment can give you some nice commissions if people are buying things like weights and treadmills from your links.

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