These days, more and more people are seeing that you can actually make a living through a writing a blog. If you do not how to do so, read the tips below on how to start a blog and make it a profitable one.

1. Choose your niche in order to build your audience – There may be some successful bloggers who may tell you that you can just write anything you want on your blog and you can still be successful. While that may happen for a few people, if you are creating a blog, it’s better to focus on a niche. Your blog might be all over the place if you don’t focus on a topic. You’ll also have a specific target market when you have a niche. And you will know which brands you can approach for sponsorship because you have a specific topic in mind. Just be sure to choose a niche that you are comfortable with and not just look for one that you know will be profitable. It can be about travel, or about your family life, but it has to be something you can be passionate about it so that you will always be motivated to write.

2. Have a beautiful design – Before you can make your first impression with your writing, you make an impression through visual. If your blog is hard to read, maybe because the colors of your site are too loud or perhaps there are no attractive pictures on it, people will not want to stay and peruse through your content. Choose a design that is simple and eye-catching. It’s also a good idea to make sure that your blog is mobile-ready. Most users use a handheld device when reading from the internet and most people lose interest on a site when it is not mobile ready.

3. Write great content consistently – Now that you have a niche and look for your blog, the next thing to do in order to to get a profitable blog is to focus on the content you will be giving. It’s important that you present quality content to your readers. You need to research on the type of blog entries that would interest them. There are a variety of entries like tips, or a simple journal, or even adding a vlog once in a while. It must be well-researched and engaging, and you must consistently write. If you delay publishing your blogs, your readers will find another blog to read in your absence.

4. Use SEO and social media to promote your blog  – Even if you have a steady amount of readers because this industry can be competitive too, you want more and more people to read your blog. Use techniques in SEO to do that. Also, you need to take advantage of and use social media to market your blog. Aside from having accounts in popular platforms like Instagram or Facebook and posting regularly there, you can also advertise through those sites.

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