WPMU Dev is now not just a plugin provider but a fully managed hosting platform. This is a huge step for the company and especially for its customers. One reason WPMU Dev changed its direction from being just a plugin provider to becoming a company is because of public demand. People were looking for a service that offered them more value. WPMU Dev lets them do that.

In this article, we discuss its latest offering WordPress hosting and also the premium plugins so that you can decide if moving to WPMU Dev Hosting is a good idea for your future websites or not.

With that said, letโ€™s get started.

WPMU DEV: An introduction

WPMU Dev creates plugins for WordPress. Most of these are premium plugins and people can add them to their website for optimizations such as decreasing image size, improving performance, help with migration, site indexing, and much more.

WPMU DEV WordPress Plugins
Source: WPMU DEV Website

These are freemium plugins and people can get the paid versions by paying for each plugin such as Smush Pro separately. However, since the major problem with each website starts from its hosting solution, the team behind WPMU dev decided that they should do something about it. So, they developed a solution that was a win-win for their customers. This package costs $49 in total and it includes all premium plugins + hosting solution for user websites. This all-in-one monthly package is called WPMU Dev Membership.

WPMU DEV Membership Price
Source: WPMU DEV Website

WPMU DEV hosting Features 

The best part about the new hosting solution is that people can launch multiple websites on WPMU dev. The company has partnered with Digital Ocean, the super-fast, reliable, and cutting edge Cloud IaaS to provide incredible hosting experience at a very affordable price.

Benefits of WPMU Dev Hosting

Data Centers: Allows you to choose where you want to host your website. Servers are located in the US, UK, Netherlands, Germany, India, and Singapore. The near your site is from your server, the better speed you will get.

Security: WPMU offers its defender plugin with the hosting solution. Apart from that, it also offers file scanning, two-factor authentication, web application firewall, and many other security features. It also offers free SSL for each site hosted on the platform. The SSL certificate is available by Letโ€™s Encrypt.

Speed: WPMU Dev hosting includes server-level caching and integrated CDN service, powered by Stackpath that doubles site performance. Apart from that it also offers page caching with its optimized hosting stack.

Backup: Another benefit of WPMU Dev is that your site is automatically backed up. If you get into a problem, you can always restore it later.

WPMU DEV Support

  • 24/7 Support: The best part about WPMU dev is that it offers 24/7 live chat support. If you are having a problem with your website, you can always get it fixed on time.
  • Ticket Resolution: If you are still not able to get your problem fixed, you can always open a ticket with the platform. Ticket ensures that your problem gets solved instantly.
  • Forum: You can also talk to others who had a similar problem, and had it fixed themselves. The WPMU dev forum is quite helpful and is filled with community experts.
  • Documentation: There is complete documentation available for the website. So, if you ever fall into a problem, you can get help from the documentation available.
  • Blogs: Finally, you have how-to blogs from the WPMU dev team. These blogs offer help on multiple topics related to site hosting, plugins, and much more.

WPMU Hosting Price โ€“ Is it Worth it?

In our opinion, $49 is a highly affordable price for anyone looking to launch multiple sites on a single platform. Moreover, they also benefit from all the premium tools that are available by WPMU Dev.

Think about it. If you launch a website, you still have to add the necessary tools to improve its performance, maintain it properly, and launch it. WPMU Dev offers all this in a single package. 

The best part about the hosting solution comes with mostly all the required services to make a website, fast, secure, and SEO optimization capabilities that need to be additionally purchased on other hosting platforms. This is a huge money-saving advantage to WPMU Dev Members. Even if you use another hosting service provider you can install all the WPMU Dev Premium plugins for all your websites without a limit and not paying a single extra fee.

WPMU DEV Hosting Pricing Compared
Source: WPMU DEV Website

This is a simple comparison of WPMU Dev with other hosting solutions. When you buy the package, you get $30 (enough for 3 websites on the Bronze plan) hosting credit that is enough to launch three sites. 

These are the hosting packages offered by WPMU Dev.

WPMU Dev Hosting Packages
Source: WPMU DEV Website

So, with each plan, you can launch a website on a totally isolated cloud server with dedicated IP, RAM, and CPU. All the servers are using SSD storage and IPV6 network interface. Even though they have mentioned an estimated monthly web visitor limit, there will be no traffic regulation or extra fees as long as the server infrastructure is capable of handling the load based on its specs. There is no need to worry about backup problems, server issues, and performance pitfalls. All is taken care of by the WPMU dev hosting solution.

WPMU Dev Premium Plugins โ€“ What you need to know

Now that we have discussed the features, pricing, and performance of the WPMU Dev hosting solution. Let’s discuss a little about the premium plugins available with it.

For starters, WPMU Dev offers a handful of site customization and security plugins. Since all of these are freemium plugins and get the job done, people have to buy the premium ones. This can cost them a lot if they are not a paid member of WPMU Dev.

But, as a member, they get many benefits and one of them is to use premium plugins on as many websites as they want.

Some of the best plugins you can use on your WordPress websites are Smush, Humming Bird, Hustle, Defender, Forminator, Smart Crawl, and many others.

In short, WPMU Dev has focused on every aspect of the site including its customization, performance, and security. You get all these plugins in a single package making it easier for you to manage your website without getting external help. Also, all these plugins are completely DIY, which means you can go whatever you want with them without a problem.

Should You Choose the WPMU DEV premium package?

It depends on what you are aiming for. WPMU Dev is perfect for all those who are always buying premium plugins for their websites. When they get all these premium plugins at a single place, they don’t have to spend a lot of money. That’s the main benefit of getting WPMU Dev.

On the other hand, you also get a free hosting solution from WPMU Dev hosting credit. So that’s a plus! 

Now that we are done with that, yes we would say the WPMU Dev premium package will be a great choice for beginners who would like to get started fast and without maintenance issues. It is true that you may have to pay a little but thatโ€™s just it. When you donโ€™t have the maintenance overhead, you can always put the same efforts in growing your business faster.

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