Just like wearing face masks, working from home has become the new normal. Millions of people were forced into this situation due to the coronavirus. For many, this change has brought about its unique set of struggles. Privacy is a major factor. This applies to both the online aspect in respect to potential hackers and stolen identity, as well as your physical space. If you live with roommates or have children, you face a more direct assault on your senses. For both scenarios, thankfully, there are means to protect your confidential information.

Tackling The Home

Noise does not lend to an ideal environment for work. A large majority of persons prefer silence or near-silent conditions within which to focus on work. Sure, some soft music may be appealing but certainly not shouts and screams. Sometimes even laughter thatโ€™s too loud can get overwhelming. If youโ€™ve never before considered how a soundproof room can greatly help, nowโ€™s the time. If padding of the walls is a bit much, you can do the next best thing. Get yourself a soundproof room divider!

Choose between the most cost-effective option, the premium option, and the overall best-rated pick. The most important features, pros, and cons of each selection are detailed for your ease of choice. Whichever you decide, your peace is only a click away.

Differentiate Work From Personal Equipment

This is to protect you as well as the company you work for. Imagine doubly using your laptop for personal reasons as well as for work than having it stolen or infected with a virus from a site you regularly shop on or watch movies from. Not only is your sensitive information out of your hands, but so are the ultra-private files of your business.

On the flip side, your boss or coworkers may gain access to your personal files by way of a shared company VPN. Just taking a shot in the dark, but it is highly unlikely you would want such information freely circulating to your colleagues. What you do when not on the clock should remain private. Avoid these possibilities and designate computers, tablets, phones, and the like for work and those for personal use. You will sleep better.

Avoid Webcam Woes

Ah, the webcam. This has led to the embarrassment and downfall of many. In certain situations, working from home means taking part in group video calls or online meetings and conferences. For some of these interactions, a video feed is requested, other times not. For those times when you are under no obligation to show your face, err on the safe side and use a webcam cover. 

It also guards you against viruses or other malicious software that can remotely hack your webcam, controlling it without your awareness or permission.

Protect Passwords

Youโ€™ve probably heard this a million times. Creating strong passwords and keeping them private is essential. A password manager for enterprise is a must. Determining who has access to the passwords for various documents or servers and for how long is seamlessly regulated. If a disgruntled employee quits, he/she can be easily be revoked the access they once enjoyed. It is also advised that these keywords and phrases never be shared through text messages or plain emails. Always ensure a more secure manner is employed.

Change Your Browser

If you are currently using Microsoft Edge, Opera, or Chrome, change forthwith. The level of protection afforded by these is dismal in comparison to others such as Firefox, Epic, and Tor. You have more reason now to be extremely cautious. Donโ€™t expose yourself to greater incidences of malware and scams. There is no reason to settle for anything less than a thoroughly vetted, uncomplicated, and secure browser. Make the decision to switch today. Pair your browser of choice with the DuckDuckGo extension for even greater security.

Choose Your Chatting App Carefully

Not all apps are made equally. Some, like Slack, offer you very little in the way of privacy especially if run by your employers. If you have a choice in the matter, choose an app like riot or signal. These two come highly rated for privacy. So if you need to let off some steam or pass along some vital yet touchy information, you now know which way to go if it cannot be done in person.

Working from home does not have to be a scary experience. Like youโ€™ve seen, there are many easy ways you can choose to increase your level of privacy. Choose a few and experience a greater sense of calm.

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