Working with a Salesforce consulting team has many advantages over hiring an employee permanently. Keep reading the article to find out why…

Mistakes that Businesses Make When Hiring a Salesforce Admin

Sometimes permanently hiring a Salesforce admin is not the right choice. Outsourcing the same tasks of the Salesforce admin can have many benefits over hiring a long term employee. There is a strategy called the โ€œGuru strategyโ€ that most firms use when hiring an admin. This strategy is ineffective, and can cause monetary losses as well.

Here are the two common mistakes that businesses make when hiring a Salesforce admin.

  • Businesses hire a Salesforce admin during the implementation phase. It is the phase where you are supposed to determine your Salesforce-related goals and understand them yourself, so that you can share your goals with the Salesforce admin later to help them devise a suitable plan. When you hire a Salesforce admin without determining your goals yourself, the admins fail to generate results.
  • The other common mistake is hiring only one person, and asking them to do the work of a whole team. No doubt, a Salesforce admin has several skills. Still, he cannot perform all Salesforce-related tasks such as coding, quality control handling, business analysis, and management. Salesforce is a complicated piece of software that requires a whole team to manage and optimize it so it works well.

How to Avoid these Mistakes?

One way of avoiding these mistakes is to outsource your Salesforce-related tasks that your team cannot perform. Instead of hiring an admin when you are not ready, you should outsource the task to an expert for a short time. It will save you time, effort, and money.

Outsourcing helps when:

  • Your current team members are not able to tackle certain issues, because you have recently acquired another firm. Its system is new for your team, so you need an expert who can handle it.
  • Your Salesforce team members have left, or some of them have taken long leave due to personal or other reasons. You can outsource the work that these employees used to handle until they return.
  • You have implemented Salesforce into your business, but you do not have a team to manage Salesforce with the necessary time it requires.

Work with a Salesforce Consulting Team

Many companies offer Salesforce staff augmentation services. Cloud Pacific, which is located in Hawaii and aims to make businesses reach new heights, also offers a high effective Salesforce staff augmentation service.

You can ask Cloud Pacific to provide a complete Salesforce team of experts, or they can only provide a single Salesforce administrator, depending on your needs. You can hire an admin temporarily for 6 to 12 months at a time. You can also choose a team consisting of a Salesforce business analyst, Salesforce IT project manager, Salesforce quality control handler, Salesforce coding specialists, and Salesforce architect. The contract can be customized according to your individual business needs. You should request a Salesforce team if two or more of your Salesforce team members have left, or if you do not have sufficient staff members to manage a large Salesforce system. For more information, get in touch with Cloud Pacific today.

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