With more and more Melbournians shopping online, the eCommerce business is booming in Australia. In fact, as of 2019, online shopping was responsible for 9% of Australia’s total retail sale, and the total Australian e-commerce market value is projected to grow to $35.2 billion by 2021.

With the future outlook of the eCommerce business looking positive, it’s time to break down the sales barriers that eCommerce brands face. The implementation of Video marketing is now more important than ever to give customers a tangible experience.

Now that media consumption is up after the Covid-19 pandemic in Melbourne, videos are the best medium to differentiate your brand within the eCommerce market and stay ahead of the competition. Creating eCommerce videos may seem daunting at the outset. However, with local consultants like Video Outcomes video marketing company Melbourne, you can outsource video marketing efforts to the experts while focusing on your core competencies.

Here’s why you should use video marketing for your eCommerce business in Melbourne:

People Love to Watch Videos

While you might be having high-resolution product imagery in your site, you can go a step further to create appealing product videos. Melbourne marketers expect that by 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of Internet traffic. With videos, you can communicate the following:

  • Explain your products or services
  • Influencer review or demonstrations of your product
  • Share customer reviews and testimonials
  • Products embedded in a story
  • Show your product in action
  • Compare your product with competitors
  • Shoppable videos with links to product in your site
  • Go live with product launches, Q&A session
  • Show behind the scenes tour of your warehouse

Engage with Customers

As it turns out, videos have a significant influence on the buying decision process.

A 2019 survey involving consumers and B2C marketers in Australia, revealed that product videos, mostly user-generated, directly influenced consumer purchasing decisions.

Everything related to product specifications, how-tos, integrations and a lot more can be addressed with a video to ease buyer anxiety and convince them to invest in your products. Even if not product related, you can also create informational videos to add more value and engage prospects.

Leverage Mobile Marketing

It is estimated that mobile penetration in Melbourne will reach over 80% by 2025. Short and powerful videos optimized for mobile are the best way to leverage the mobile penetration for your eCommerce business.

Since most local audiences view videos on their mobile with muted audio, it’s recommended to add subtitles and ensure that your clips include a clear call to action and catchy description for higher click-through rates.

Social Media Videos

The three highest traffic social media sites in Melbourne include Google, Youtube and Facebook. Youtube has a longer dwell time than other sites and offers excellent opportunities for Melbourne marketers. Whether it is a story-based video around your product or live stream videos, they provide a great way for followers to connect with your brand.

To sum up, the eCommerce penetration rate will reach 85% in Australia’s cities, including Melbourne and Sydney, with one out of every ten items purchased from eCommerce stores by 2021.

Therefore, repurpose your marketing strategy by using video marketing to break the barriers of reaching out to local Aussie audiences. Generate the best ROI by investing in video marketing with the help of professionals of Video Outcomes video marketing company Melbourne who can help boost your eCommerce sales in Melbourne to new heights.

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