This is controversial to some, because our societies, colleges, universities and even perhaps families had streamline our minds to visualize the greatness in securing a job and there was always a wild eye when we say ‘we resigned’. In fact, no one to be blame over this mental rupture, however what we do not account here is the reason that may cause ‘some’ to leave their jobs. On Facebook what we often see are people proudly posting “Started job at xyz company”, followed by thousands of congratulations messages. It’s good! But we rarely see anyone publicly announcing “Left job at xyz” and even if they did such posts receive no likes nor comments. Maybe a sympathy message like “Oh what happened?”.  But why does it have to be like that though? 

There could be various reasons as to why a person would leave a job. Amongst the many motivational speakers such as Jay Shetty, a common factor the writer has always heard is that people does not leave jobs but they leave their boss. This could be true and if you as a reader have gone through such an experience you may very well relate to this. Sometimes it is not the job that we do make us strained and exhausted but the person behind us (figuratively) who pressurize us to get their job roles secured as they are pressurized from their own bosses. In fact, this chain has to break somewhere. A competent leader or a boss would not emanate the same negative aura towards their subordinates equivocally. Discrimination at work, lack of appreciation and reward for your efforts, no career growth and fairness are the common issues majority experience at their workplaces. As a result, they wish to resign from the place that drains their positive energy for the betterment of the employer and their own selves. 

The corporate fraternity is built in a manner where a candidate is severely judged if they witness a gap in the career highlights shown in the resume. Instead of seeking the competencies and abilities of the candidate they try to presume their attitudes or work-related issues had arisen in their previous workplaces, therefore they may not be a good match for the current position. The development of the corporate world is mainly not sustainable due to such narrow minded decisions corporate leaders make on behalf of the organization. An important factor we need to remember is that even if a person has gone through ad adverse experience in the previous work places they may not wish to talk about it with another simply for the respect they yet possess for the employer. 

On another perspective many resign from their 9 to 5 jobs in order to pursue an entrepreneurial path. They are determined that the same efforts which they initially put on their jobs if invested behind building their own brand, generate more satisfaction and contentment than working hard to build someone else’s dreams. It is true that you get paid fairly enough or barely enough to build another person’s dream, however money and satisfaction are two different broad perspectives in life. You could get six figure salaries, triple bonuses and many other benefits but when you are at your retirement age, as you retrospect, you may have not left a legacy behind if you die being an employee under another. Many argue on this saying not that all businesses succeed in this world and thus it is unsure whether taking a risk of entrepreneurial approach is worth at all when you are certain that your employer will credit your salary every month. Simples answer for this controversy is that entrepreneurship is the ability to take risk. 

Did you know that a post-pandemic resignation boom is currently happening around the world? Despite the pressure and volatility caused by the pandemic many choose to resign from their current job roles to pursue better things in life. It is important to have a considerate source of income in life; however, a job may not be the only income source for a particular person. If you believe you have got the nerve of an entrepreneur and your character is built in becoming a one someday act upon the decision before it’s too late. The biggest dilemma many have in the choice between entrepreneurial or job role is the risk of fixed income source, also other trivial things such as recognition and benefits. We are yet to build an entrepreneur motivating society amongst us. Even now we would only see a person with a job as a successful man and doubt over a person involved in a business that work beyond a 9 to 5 schedule to earn a living. Genuine productivity lies on real entrepreneurs. 

It is important to change our mindset of entrepreneurship and alter the perception corporate fraternity has about its employees and potential candidates who has taken a career break to pursue an entrepreneurial dream. The world needs more and more entrepreneurs and massive communities to support such budding entrepreneurs. This entrepreneurship must reflect achievable sustainability in the aspects of inclusivity, diversity and corporate philanthropy which even the giant corporations yet tries to achieve in their supply chains. Confidence, resilience and ability to take risks are the main qualities that make an entrepreneur successful despite any competitive pressure prevailing. Furthermore, adequate knowledge about the industry you are going to operate your business is another important skill for a competent entrepreneur.

So, if you as a reader is in a same dilemma whether to choose entrepreneurship forgoing your employment analyze well prior to making a career shift because you cannot simply have the determination only to resign from a job, but the same determination must retain over your entrepreneurial journey as well. Throughout maintaining the risk-taking ability, helps to set the foundation to build your dreams. Or if you are a reader who is happily employed, congratulations, but make sure you support your friend who is an entrepreneur going out of the mile to build his or her dream. Spread the word around of the new venture, purchase products and help them make a sale often through your contact. They may not be in a position to pay you for your support but yet that defines the quality of a real friendship.

Next time make sure you to celebrate your resignations more, because you had the guts to get out of the place that ruined your peace of mind!

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