In this era, e-commerce is becoming the norm worldwide, and we see this at work during the major pandemic that hit the world.  Al ot of people are digitizing their businesses while the ones too slow to do so, lost out during the lockdowns in their specific countries.

Some of the platforms that stand out and most commonly mentioned are Shopify, Magento & WooCommerce. Each has its own strengths , but we feel that Magento has the edge in terms of flexibility and other key features. We will take a look at why serious e-commerce brands should look into Magento.

Open-Source & Easy to Customize

This is the main reason why all the developers love Magento! Magento is an open resource platform and has a big community that constantly reports bugs , fixes and upgrades it to the newest features.Typically open-source softwares will have better options for you to customize your ecommerce store, unlike Shopify which is less customizable.

Flexible and Scalability

Compared to other platforms like BigCommerce or Shopify, Magento platform is able to be more flexible and better position to scale your store, especially if it grows the inventory. Other ecommerce management platforms are more rigid, making it quite tough to make big changes to the appearance or the structure of the website. Magento does not have such issues. It has a robust community and support to help your store grow with your business. Inventory management is a huge concern when you are starting to scale your e-commerce.

Magento focuses a lot on features and extensions for stores with huge volume of inventory will love, for example, they have extensive library of great Inventory Management extensions.You can even choose the types of inventory management such as JIT (Just In Time) and FIFO (First in, FIrst Out) and also Demand Forecasting that allows better accuracy in inventory planning.

Some of the most popular inventory management  extensions are:

  1. Multi-Warehouse Inventory from Amasty
  2. Advanced Inventory from Wyomind
  3. Inventory Management from Magestore
  4. MageMob Inventory from AppJetty
  5. Multi-Warehouse Inventory from Aitoc

100% Made for E-Commerce

Magento CMS is purposely built to accommodate the needs of every ecommerce seller. That is the goal in mind for Magento.The extension library makes it easy to quickly change the needs of each ecommerce without having to reinvest into lengthy and expensive development. In the digital space, technology gets outdated quickly. Thankfully for  Magento, they are constantly rolling out new versions and frameworks such as Magento 2.Zero to ensure that the platform is always โ€˜future proofโ€™.

Rapid loading, fast returns

Page Speed matters for both the potential customer AND Google search engine! E-commerce systems powered by Magento generate a significantly higher conversion rate as contrasted to various other well-known paid and open resource collections. Its loading speed is built on superior Varnish-powered caching that processes an insane amount of data and media files so it loads quicker

Optimized to be SEO-Friendly

Magento is one of the most up-to-date eCommerce CMS platforms with alot of SEO-friendly functions already built into the system. While you need to add in additional extensions to complete the SEO functionalities, out of the box, Magentoโ€™s SEO has improved drastically over the years.

Most Comprehensive E-Commerce Store

Mangento already comes out of the box with the most ready-to-use templates of any similar platform. It can handle small and big eCommerce stores with each. One recommendation though to make Magento work even better for your business is to engage a specialized Magento agency.

Pick your own Magento agency and control your costs without compromising on the results and the benefits of running an e-commerce platform on Magento. Make sure you engage a reputable Magento agency, such as this one here.


Magento is a powerful e-commerce platform that will benefit the small time digital business rookies, but itโ€™s full benefits are at display for those with medium to bigger stores that requires more customization.

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