You have probably heard the word physician quite often whenever you think of going to a hospital or a clinic. But have you ever wondered why the medical experts are called physicians? Well, there is a reason behind it.

The medical experts are usually called physicians, as the word physic is originally referred to as both medicine and natural science practices. With the growth of scientific fields, the word ‘physic’ is applied for the healing phase in favor of medicine.

The word physicist was coined for referring someone who studies physics, while the physician was left for referring those who have an association with the medical doctors.

Whether it is the role of a physician or national physician database, everything makes it clear why the health experts are called so. Here is what more you need to know on this topic:

Why did the word physician come to play for this matter?

People tend to focus more on the new words that come to the language than the words which tend to leave the dictionary.

It is much practicable in terms of languages and even much predictable. However, sometimes the disused words which come to tell us a story take part in the evolution of a language.

The relation of physics with medicine:

The word physic was used first at the starting of the 1400s, for meaning  ‘the practice of healing disease.’ Also, it has been used as a remedy for a disease. Both of these phrases are now usually used for expressing the word medicine.

Recently the study for medicine and natural science is much closely connected with the term physic, which is applicable for both.

In the fourteenth century, the word physic was used for referring to ‘ medicine,’ and the word physician was used for meaning ‘ one who practices medicine,’ which is very much popularly used to date.

What is the difference between the physician and physicist?

The medical use of physics is lexically being used as a very popular word for medical terms.

On the other hand, the word physics was used as the name for the new branch of science and medicine in a much convenient manner, while it can be completely displaced with the use of the word physic which is no longer in use.

On the other hand, the physician did not get the memo as it is in long-term use for both the ‘one who studies natural science’ and ‘ one who practices medicine.

However, as the field of physics had been isolated from the other sections, the word physicist ultimately got coined in the 1800s as the term for one who is a specialist in the field of new science.

Physician, on the other hand, was left for the remnants of a root word that has changed its meaning. In French, the word medicine is used for a person who opts for practicing medicine. However, English is not always so logical.

Role of a physician in the health industry:

There may be some doubts left with the topic of why a health expert is called a physician. However, having a close look at a physician’s role can make the scenario much easier for you.

Orders for tests and analyzes all the reports:

It is very common for the physicians to call for a prescribed test that you need to do to know if anything is wrong with your body or not. Thus a physician knows what test is suitable for you and how to analyze the results to offer you the proper medication.

Preparing treatment plans:

Post the diagnosis session; your physician is going to prepare a treatment plan for you. Only a health expert can diagnose and create a treatment plan for you, which is crucial to ensure the treatment’s effectiveness.

Referring patients to the specialists:

In case your physician is feeling that he/ she is not having the specialized degree or the equipment to treat you, then your physician can refer you to another specialist, who is going to be the suitable supervisor for your health.

Performing basic medical procedures:

A physician’s job is to perform all the basic medical procedures before you opt for a specialist. Hence he/ she is going to treat you properly to perform all the basic tests and checkups, which are necessary for tracking the basic health condition.

Providing advice for improving the health:

It is the most crucial role of a physician to offer advice for improving the health condition of a patient. A physician is going to assess the medical history and identify the symptoms for diagnosing a patient so that a patient can receive the proper treatment.


The role of a physician is almost somewhat similar to the role of a medical expert. Thus calling a health expert as a physician does not at all sound weird, as a physician or the health expert is the one who is having sound knowledge about the health conditions and going to treat you accordingly as per the diagnosis based on the symptoms and tests.

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