Online gambling has been booming over the past couple of years, with many countries’ brands receiving worldwide acceptance. Thanks to technology. It has made it possible for players to enjoy their favorite games via the internet.

But before you decide to invest in online gambling, it is a good idea to check the country or jurisdiction where you will operate from. This post sets out to discuss why Finland is one of the best countries for gambling investors.

Online Gambling in Finland

Finland is one of the best countries that has been seen making waves in the online industry. Casinos like Buumi online are growing rapidly thanks to a demand for their services in Finland.

Finland is a small country with a population of 5.4 million. So why has it grown into a powerhouse for online gambling over time? Here is the reason this country is bustling with exciting opportunities for both fans and casino operators.

Government regulation

The government of Finland is very proactive in regulating the gambling industry. It has set aside laws and regulations to ensure safe gambling within the country. The rules also ensure operators are legitimate businesses. And this helps to create a safe environment for gamblers, attracting more people into the gambling industry.

When it comes to government taxation, Finland requires a 30% tax on all the winnings from casinos. Compared to other countries, this is relatively low. This means punters keep more of their winnings.

The government has also ensured gambling is safe and secure for gamblers. The government doesn’t allow any operator to run a gambling business without undergoing a lengthy application process before being awarded the license. This boosts players’ confidence when gambling online.

Improved technology

There is no doubt that Finland is a hub for technological innovation. This is especially true when it comes to online gambling. In fact, Finland hosts some world-class software designers who are constantly coming up with new ways to make casinos more fun.

This greater focus on advanced technology has led to the development of new casino games, such as live dealer games. These games are more entertaining, changing the landscape of online gaming among casino fans. This has helped make Finland one of the leading European countries in the gambling industry.

A wide selection of games and bonuses

Finland is a hotbed for the best games in the world. Players can find all their favorite casino games designed by renowned software providers such as NetEnt and Playtech. Their extensive game selection includes slots, roulette, poker, and blackjack, among others.

The perks of these games are that they are coupled with massive promos and bonuses for new and existing players. Popular casino bonuses include deposit bonuses, welcome bonuses, cashbacks, and even loyalty rewards.

Casino incentives are a better way to boost players’ bankrolls. They will also allow them to enjoy the thrill of playing games for longer. However, these bonuses come with strict wagering requirements you need to satisfy before withdrawing your winnings.

Significant investments

Finland’s gambling market is worth 780 million euros. Part of this money comes from online gaming. This came after Finnish operators realized a potential for expanding the gambling market. For instance, the leading games software provider NetEnt has headquarters in Sweden but runs several casinos in Finland.

The better games, the more people are in the gambling industry.

Competitive prices

Online gambling popularity in Finland can primarily be a result of competitive prices. Punters always go for great deals when playing games such as poker. Undoubtedly, Finland is one of the countries that offer the lowest house edge in the world. This offers players better chances of making profits.

It is also worth mentioning that Finnish casinos provide some of the highest betting limits globally. This is appealing to players wanting to earn money from playing online casino games.


All online casinos in Finland are accessible. Thanks to technology, players can now enjoy their games from the comfort of their couches. As long as you have a smartphone and a stable internet connection, you are good to go. Even better, most casino games are available on mobile apps.

Most casinos are designed to give players an authentic feel, making them feel part of the virtual community. These games are also mobile-friendly, a perk that makes these games more accessible.

Focus on design

Gambling is supposed to be an exciting and fun experience. And the casino design can have a significant effect on user experience. Thankfully, all Finnish online casinos have cottoned to this. All of them are perfectly designed to impress. They are appealing and quite functional.

Most of these casinos have a modern feel. They offer a quick registration process. Fast load time and instant transaction are combinations of features that make Finnish casinos a real champ.

Diverse market

Finnish online casinos appeal to diverse markets. Games such as video slots and poker games that weren’t accessible over the past years are now available on nearly all casino platforms.

An open-minded population, liberal government regulation, and a tech-savvy market are things that have made casinos possible to target diverse markets. Expect Finland to continue enjoying growth for many years to come.

Love for Gaming

Ever since, Finland’s love for gaming has been inexpressible. The country is one of the few nations showing natural love for online games, especially table and slot games. For instance, in 2019, Finland recorded 13 million euros in revenue.

According to Finland’s gambling regulatory authority, about 50% of the adult population actively practices online gambling. And this excludes members from outside the country.


When checking the best country to invest in online gambling, Finland might be a perfect destination. The country is proud of being the first nation to adopt gaming technology.

Finland is the home of the most quality and notable games in the world. The increasing availability of top-rated casinos also contributes to the rapid growth of online gambling in Finland.

Although many companies that operate casinos are subject to strict government regulations, this helps to reassure the player that they are safe.

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