Many years ago, when there was nothing like WiFi, we were excited about how single-cable connections could enable us to access online data and surf the internet. As time went by, with the cables, we have cut down savings. We can surf the internet from anywhere in our home with a single WiFi connection. For this, all that is required is a high internet speed. However, you can’t do anything when it is down but wait for a connection free from error.

Now let’s talk about Ethernet cables. Ethernet cables may be old-fashioned, but they provide a lot of reasons to apply them to your system when it comes to internet speed. 

Ethernet Cables (Wired Connection) Vs. WiFi (Wireless Connection)

WiFi devices are convenient types of hardware because of its ease of use. It provides us with the ability to consume data from anywhere in our homes, restaurants, cafe, offices, etc. using an internet-enabled device; thus, it is a really life-changer. It is now part of our day to day life.

Ethernet cables consist of a lot more advantages over wireless connections. We might say it also changed our lives. We know that WiFi connections are not always pleasant as we know it means losing the flexibility of your internet. Many times, we complain over the ever-circulating buffer sign or might even crash out of nowhere. This encounter slows down when you have metal objects around or thick walls in the house. These objects are able to throw off signals that emerge from the routers.

A wireless connection is subjected to high latency and a drop of signals. Therefore, if your use includes documentation as well as browsing, you will be just fine. However, things won’t look so bright in a case where you’re an avid gamer. In such a situation, the solution is Ethernet cables.

When Ethernet cables are connected to hardware, it is capable of multiplying the speed of your connection. The speed of a wireless connection will be slower than a wired network when the wired network is set up correctly.

Where Can Ethernet Cables Be Applied?

At some point, making use of an Ethernet cable is not possible. For instance, WiFi serves just fine when you are watching videos on YouTube, or when you are just surfing the internet. It can also be convenient when you’re watching Netflix in its default configuration. However, making use of a wired connection makes more sense when 4k streaming becomes part of our daily life. The same applies to mass surfing, video calls, environment, gaming, and downloading big files.

What Are The Advantages Of Ethernet Cables?


Unlike WiFi connections, Ethernet cables such as category 6 cables consume lesser energy; thus, it helps to lower savings on energy.


Unlike WiFi connections that are susceptible to interference and can lead to loss of signal, you can depend on Ethernet cable connections. Once they are set up, you will rarely encounter any problem.


This is the delay that one encounters when the signal travels back and forth from the wireless devices. When using Ethernet cables, this tends to be much lower. While WiFi connections are prone to a lot of environmental factors, floors, and walls block radio waves easily. Problems can even be caused by the atmosphere.


Most often WiFi speeds are just enough to enjoy most devices. However, a wired Ethernet connection with Category 6 cables can provide up to 10 gigabit Ethernet speeds. Cables such as Cat6 riser throughout your home can help you improve the speeds of all your network devices.

Which One Should We Pick? 

  • An Ethernet connection could be better for any user that would want to stream HD videos without experiencing any problem.
  • For a gamer, it is not ideal to rely on a WiFi connection.
  • For people that might want a connection for daily usage, a WiFi router can be configured adequately.
  • A wireless router is composed of Ethernet ports. Therefore, you can individually configure devices without any problems. 

Will The Developing Era Of 5G Replace Ethernet?

The revolution “5G” has rolled out and begun to start to come into effect. Compared to the current connections, it set up to be faster. It can be obtained in most parts of the United States, but not all locations currently. Therefore it will take a while before 5G becomes a reliable source.

Thus, to leverage high-speed internet daily, it is advisable to stick to Ethernet cables now and in to the future.

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