Even though the eCommerce market has been considered as very profitable and constantly growing, it has never been predicted to grow as much after the Covid-19 pandemic has happened. And nobody knows when it will end eventually and how else will it adjust the whole market – in good ways and bad ways.

After the pandemic happened, it has forced a lot of physical shops to close, even though they were doing great before and planning to expand – a lot of plans and dreams were shattered. It is hard to imagine what else could happen. One day you would be doing great with your business, and the other day you have to either close it completely or shift your physical store to an online one very fast.

As the pandemic is not over yet, and it is difficult to predict the future, the only thing we can surely say today is that the world of eCommerce will absolutely rise in the year 2021. But nobody knows the nuances of this growth – therefore, it is difficult to be prepared for it. However, it is much better to prepare according to logically based predictions than not to prepare at all. Thus we want to share some thoughts on why the eCommerce market will grow in 2021.

Businesses Will Turn to Automation

As it may become more difficult to run a business on a pandemic, even if it is an online one, many businesses might turn to automation for various logical reasons. First of all, if any business wants to be successful and generate bigger revenue margins, it needs investments – for advertising, at least. And in a situation like this, you never know when money will become a problem. Printify is a solution, as this print on demand platform offers what everyone might need and expect.

A print on demand platform offers both low investments and the automation of most processes that are important for every business; therefore, it is a lifesaver for an online business during a pandemic. You will not have to take care of the production of the goods, storage space and cost, packaging, and the whole delivery process. Therefore, you will also need a smaller number of employees.

More to it, if you have a family and some of those people lost their jobs because of the Covid-19 pandemic and because of the type of the job they can not easily find another one, a business like this could be perfect for them. All they will have to do is pick out a product, create or pick a design for it and start selling it on a website that can be created for free if you use a template.

People Will Avoid Human Contact

As the eCommerce market has been growing for years now, it is hard to imagine a product that you could not purchase online. Maybe some time ago, buying groceries online seemed utopic, but it has become normal and common even before the pandemic started.

Therefore, such a need to avoid human contact will possibly create a bigger need and demand for such service, which will very likely cause more online grocery stores to open. Because during the peaks of the pandemic, some countries in the world experienced an issue that if you wanted to order groceries online, you needed to order them a week before because there were so many people who wanted to use the service. A clear sign of increasing demand.

And the same goes for any other kind of product. It has been noticed that many online websites that only used their site to promote their products have put a lot of work into their projects and opened normally functioning online stores and well. And many stores that did not use to deliver goods to people now started doing so.

The Average Spending per Buyer Has Increased

It has also been noticed that not only the number of online buyers has increased during the Covid-19 pandemic but also the average spending per buyer too. The Covid-19 has caused a digital transformation in the whole world. And it is very easy to explain through an example.

So imagine if normally you did not have the time to redecorate your home or if you did, you always went straight to the store and bought what you liked – maybe even because the physical store does not offer a service that delivers items to your door.

Now, during the pandemic, you have more time because you socialize less, and most of the entertainment places are closed. Therefore – you are bored and start looking for new activities to do at home. If you choose to redecorate – the business has already started delivering its items to your doorstep, and you choose to buy it online, which you never did before.

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