The mind is one of the most significant parts of your body and soul. Think of your body as a train that runs on coal. The engine is your mind, and what keeps you running depends on what you feed your mind. Quality thoughts help you run far and consistently, just as bad thoughts halt you many times, and derail you, eventually.

Feeding your soul good thoughts, and maintaining a healthy mind, is very important in the present day. With the ever-growing competition in almost everything, we make very little time for ourselves to sit back and heal. Many who go through depression and other psychological disorders point out the excuse that therapy kills time. BetterHelp, however, is a great option, with therapists available on your schedule, online, to help with whatever you are struggling with.

Letโ€™s look at why mental health plays a major role in a personโ€™s life.

Whatโ€™s mental health?

Firstly, understanding mental health helps you better in grasping it. Mental Health is not just about being mentally sane, it also means emotional and psychological well-being. There are many factors that can contribute to an ill mental status. Some derive from genes, family health, and brain chemistry, while many are caused by day-to-day situations, or sudden trauma. In the present day, approximately 65 million Americans are currently dealing with mental health issues, Most of them suffer in silence.

How does it affect a person?

This is a subject that many ponder upon. Researchers keep finding something new every day to add up to it. Not every person with a mental health issue is sent away to an asylum. Those with psychological disorders may constantly let their emotions get in the way of making decisions. Especially in conversations, or during instances of dealing with stress, the mind plays a vital role. So a stable mind is crucial.

Early signs of basic mental health Issues

Nobody on the Earth is perfectly fine. Everyone has gone through some sort of social situation or trauma. But for some, the impact is quite heavier. Listed below are some of the early signs of mental health warnings.

  • Feeling tired and sleepy for no reason 
  • Suddenly adopting a secretive lifestyle – This, of course, is not valid for introverts. If you used to be a bubbly social butterfly and now you prefer being with yourself all of a sudden, you might want to have a check-up on yourself. 
  • Eating too much or too little
  • Imbalance in emotions and being unusually forgetful
  • Continuously having persistent negative thoughts 

These are the very basics, but ignoring these signs can lead to far worst results, such as:

  • Hearing voices and creating unreal scenarios in your head 
  • Inability to perform your daily tasks 
  • Aggressive/harmful thoughts and unexpected behavior

These are the final stages of a mental disorder. If at any moment you feel like youโ€™re drowning in an everlasting sorrow, remember that all will heal in time. Talking to someone about it will help you heal even faster. Find a kind listener for yourself and let it out.

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