The total number of smartphone users worldwide has surpassed 3 million. This figure is definitely going to change by the time you are reading this post!

We call our mobile phones “smart” because of one particular reason, “they can host several apps!” Want to order groceries? There is an app for that! Wish you could enjoy your Cox internet and stream TV on the go, there is an app that!

When a user wants to search for a product or service online, they also search for an app related to that product. This and some other compelling reasons make it mandatory to have a mobile app for your business.

Not convinced yet? Here is why you must invest in a mobile app:

1: More Visibility

In pandemic-driven times, an average person is spending 5.5 hours on their smartphones per day! They could be using a handful of apps during this time frame.

If you have a business app and your target audience has installed it on their device as well, this is an opportunity to stay on top of their minds. When your app comes in the way of a user’s scrolling, it won’t just increase visibility but help your business grow.

2: Build a Stronger Brand

One of the most significant benefits of having a mobile app is that it offers an opportunity to build brand awareness. 

The more your audience interacts with you, the more trust you build. They are likely to listen to your future sales pitches and commit to your brand. This business app allows you to demonstrate to your users why they should be trusting you by showing what your brand stands for.

To keep your customer engaged, your app must include the features they love and some in-app promotions to keep them engaged.

3: A Marketing Channel

Your business app is a direct marketing channel. The old methods of marketing are history. No need to knock on other people’s doors to sell your product or print brochures. Instead, market your services via a mobile app.

The app allows you to directly communicate with customers, introduce them to promotions, remind customers about your products/services, and more.

4: Increased Accessibility

In the past, it was impossible to reach your target audience at different times and different places. But things have become simpler thanks to mobile business apps.

Once your mobile app is ready, it’s an opportunity to remain accessible to customers at all times. Let’s say your target audience has downloaded your app on their phone and they have forgotten about it. You can engage with your customers by sending push notifications.

5: Better Customer Service

Mobile apps are game-changers when it comes to customer service. You can even offer support services via the same mobile app through which you are selling a product or service.

From answering questions via FAQs to chatting with a sales representative, mobile apps have made communication much simpler.

6: Boost Sales

A mobile app is also a viable medium for boosting sales! Domino’s Pizza in the UK managed to boost their sales by 28% after launching their mobile app. people find it much convenient to place an order via mobile app.

Most mobile apps are integrated with Google or social media sites like Facebook. It’s easier to set up your account and make purchases. By introducing features like tracking previous orders and regular discount offers, you keep the customer coming back for more.

7: Track Customer Behavior

A business app is a wonderful source to analyze and track the buying behavior and pattern of your target audience. Through the data accumulated over time, it’s easier to understand your target audience and introduce features they would like to see. This will eventually boost business revenue.

Ready to Develop Your Mobile App?

It’s evident that in 2021 and beyond, having a website alone is not enough. Modern consumers prefer the convenience and a mobile app can offer the convenience they need. Don’t miss the opportunity of targeting such a huge customer base by not being on mobile. Your competitors probably have rolled out their mobile app and they are ready to steal customers.

Sit with your digital marketing team as soon as you can and discuss the requirements for creating a mobile app for your business.

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