There are several reasons why people fall for scams and fraud, even after several warnings  from its deadly effects. According to the psychological study of human activities, itโ€™s ascertain that this failure comes as a result of having trust along with other effects. Trust has always the aim of scammers and fraudsters, because they know that once anyone trusts someone, they will be vulnerable to being attacked. Just as Walter Anderson said โ€œweโ€™re never so vulnerable than when we trust someone-but periodically, if we cannot trust, neither can we find love or joy.โ€

Therefore, taking the risk of trusting someone can either make us fall or progress. People with malicious intentions tend to make use of this weakness in achieving their aim. However, as the saying goes by Alex Morgan โ€œknowing what makes you vulnerable will make you stronger.โ€

Here are the reasons why people fall for scams and frauds:


Being greedy is one of the reasons why people get scammed. They often get the idea of grabbing everything that comes their way as opportunities. Scammers and fraudsters always attract their victims with interesting offers, that doesnโ€™t exist. Their logical strategy is to always monitor the conversation while finding what attracts your attraction and use it against you. In most cases, greedy people always get themself in the hands of scammers, while searching for offers that don’t exist.

Fear to miss an opportunity

This is similar to being greedy but slightly different because people that are affected by this problem donโ€™t for opportunities, instead it’s being presented to them by scammers. With the fear of missing the opportunity because of it being so good, they might even forget about asking and verifying the presented documentation before proceeding with the transaction. The scammers will try to make use of unknown information and documents just to get the user to send them money.

This does not only affect business owners because it also affects people that participate in online details. The scammers will try to be nice by making them keep a nice conversation to gain your confidence before asking for money.

The feeling of reciprocity

Most professional scammers gain people’s confidence by successfully doing something for them at the early stage of meeting while aiming at the bigger picture. This will make you have the feeling of reciprocity of repaying what the scammer has done for you in a bigger way. Even without you making the first move, they might also ask you for financial favors, which you might be obliged to grant.

Unable to miss the conversation

For online dating scammers, they spend their time keeping the conversation tempting. This might get you not wanting to miss a minute without chatting with them. They will implement the strategy of doing anything to please you so that you will trust them. This will give them the opportunity of accessing your vital information or asking you for money.


People fall for the scam because of trust, greed, the feeling of reciprocity, and more. This gives the scammers the opportunity of gaining access to the userโ€™s vital information, which they can use to blackmail and extort money from them. However, implementing a preventive strategy as suggested by Triada to verify the identity of the people you are chatting with will protect you from being scammed.

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