It is quite relaxing to sit on the back porch and enjoy your lush, green lawn. It also feels more fulfilling when it is your hands that made the green buds flourish. You may think that landscaping your property may be an intimidating task to do. But everything is possible as long as you know the right conditions for your plants to grow.

When is the best time of the year to landscape your property?

Plants thrive when the season is comfortable. You feel most comfortable outside during the fall, and so do plants. Plants grow best when the temperature is not too hot and not too cold. You may think that spring or summer is the best time to start planting as other beginners believe, too. Spring may be the time when plants begin to grow again, but it is also a period with bouts of too much sunshine or lots of rainfall and even unforeseen snowstorms. These surprising changes in the weather can shock your plants. Planting during springtime may not be the wisest choice because your plants may grow delicate and may need extra attention. Sowing plants in spring grow at a rapid rate, and they need watering, pruning, mulching, and other additional care for them to grow to their fullest.

During the fall, when the climate is milder, the plants are just relaxing and not in a hurry to grow. The fall season is the best season to plant and landscape your property. Plants are at their strongest during the fall. Transplanted and new plants will thrive best during the fall when they are less likely to experience shock, which is more common during spring and summer. Fall is the best time for plants to develop stronger roots, which they need to flourish to prepare for the harsher weather in the next few months.

The slow growth of plants in fall allows them to grow a thicker and more extensive network of roots, which can help absorb more nutrients and minerals as well as better attachment to the soil in preparation for the windy or rainy season.

Landscaping in the fall will bring you great surprises during springtime. Gardening during the fall gives your plants time to grow stronger in preparation for speedy growth in spring. You will gather the fruits of your labor when the plants you have sown during the fall improve to their optimum in spring.

Since the weather is most pleasant in fall, it is the perfect time to start your landscaping projects, be it installing your landscape lighting or starting your garden. You are sure enough that your efforts are not wasted at the same time you will be able to enjoy the comfortable weather outdoors.

Aside from the right timing, many other factors can also affect the success of your landscaping project. It is also essential to know which plants to use and how they are planted. New plants not appropriately planted or watered adequately can die in the next few months, along with your time and effort.

Planting during fall improves the chance of having growing plants in your landscaped garden, but factors such as right soil conditions, the proper amount of sun or shade, and the right amount of water are also crucial. When you install your plants during the fall, you are sure that they will not encounter frost, which can prematurely kill your new plants. The soil condition is also at its best, not frozen and not too wet from the rains.

Plants installed in spring are prone to die of frost, while those planted in summer can dry up due to the heat when not watered regularly. Some cold-tolerant plants such as dormant shrubs and flowering annuals such as pansies and primroses can be installed in your garden during spring. More types of plants can be installed during the summer but should be protected from possible sudden heat waves.

Fall is the only time you can plant anything and can expect the best results. Landscaping your yard in fall may be most beneficial because soil temperatures and moisture content are of the right balance to encourage the growth of new plants and replanted ones.

Landscaping of your property may be done single-handedly, but if you want the best possible result from your project, it is always best to consult the experts. You can check out for landscaping services and expert advice and tips on how you can be successful in landscaping your property. Landscaping professionals are most knowledgeable of the best plants and the right climate and conditions, which can make your landscaped area look the best way it should be.

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