Everybody wants to have a beautiful lawn filled with equally beautiful flowers and a nice stony path in the middle. However, any homeowner with a lawn will tell you how much hard work that can be.

And they are right; it does require hard work, regular maintenance, and proper care to achieve that beautiful lawn. If this scares you off a little, then you should know that nothing comes easy with hard work.

That being said, we’re here to help you achieve your picture-perfect lawn with these 6 super easy steps. All you have to do is follow them and be awed by the results after.

Ready? Let’s get right to it!

1. Regular Maintenance

Wanting to have a beautiful lawn requires you to take care of it. That means regular maintenance. The most important thing about maintaining your lawn is to regularly cut the grass.

Irregular maintenance can cause the grass to thicken. Whenever you’re cutting your grass, make sure to switch the direction of your lawn mower each time. It’s also best not to cut your grass all in one go.

Even if you have the best self-propelled lawn mower available, it’s best to take your time and cut your lawn with proper love and care. What you must remember when you’re cutting is to only shorten the stem by half to 5 centimeters.

However, during the summer, you can leave your grass a little longer. This will help them to resist drought better.

2. Fertilizing and Recycling

As with any kind of plant life, be it flowers or other plants, they need fertilizing. When you’re cutting the grass from your lawn, you’re also removing the nutrients that they store.

These nutrients need to be restored back to make your grass reach their maximum growth. The grass clippings that you normally throw out after mowing your lawn you can recycle to give your grass a boost, alongside the fertilizers. Just leave your grass clippings on the lawn.

Those grass clippings decompose and return the nutrients back to the soil. They also help to retain water, improve soil texture, save your time, reduce waste, and reduce using other fertilizers.

Regular mulching can also help prevent weeds from growing. So, not only are you doing your lawn a huge favor, but you’re also helping the planet be more green by recycling.

3. Watering Benefits

Having a beautiful and lush lawn during the summer is only achievable by watering it properly. Of course, how often you need to water your lawn depends on the temperature and humidity.

There are signs when your grass needs water; the older leaf blades will begin to wilt or curl up and get a blue-gray tint on them. For those who have planted a new lawn, you’ll need to water once a day.

This will help the seeds to germinate and form a good, solid root right from the beginning. That being said, nowadays, there are many easy ways to keep your lawn properly watered, which require little to no effort on your part.

You can choose to water your lawn by hand or use automated sprinklers. They can be controlled through your smartphone or a computer. You can choose the timing, and that’s it! Watering done!

4. Tackling the Weeds

Weeds can grow and kill your garden if they are not tackled properly and on time. The key to keeping them at bay is to be persistent with the right technique.

You can remove weeds both manually and by using mechanical means as well. Small weeds, such as white clover or veronicas, can be removed by using a scarifier. Daisies and dandelions can be used removing by using a root weeder.

Just remember to get as much as you can. This way, you can prevent their regrowth. You can also use herbicides if all else fails. If your lawn has been taken over by weeds, then it’s best to start from scratch.

In this case, restructuring the entire soil and covering it with rolled turf is the best possible solution for you. Just remember that the key to tackling weeds is to remove them the moment you see any growth.

5. Aerate Your Lawn

In simple terms, this is a method of giving your lawn room to breathe. To achieve this you have to punch holes all throughout the lawn. They need to be 3 inches deep. This will help your grass to have a proper medium to grow in, with the help of loose soil and proper air circulation.

Your grass will also make good use of the water and produce more nutrients.

Aerification can also help microorganisms to grow in your soil. They will help to break down thatch and prevent it from building up as well.

If you don’t want to do this manually, or you don’t feel confident to do it yourself, you can rent an aerating machine or buy a handheld aerating tool.

It depends on the size of your lawn, as small to medium ones can be aerated by using handheld tools. Just remember to aerate your lawn once a year.

6. Compost Using Kitchen Waste

Another great way you can keep your lawn healthy and green is by using the waste from your kitchen to spread compost on your lawn. The best part is that you are also reducing waste and helping your grass grow more beautiful and healthy.

Composting can help improve water drainage in sandy and clay-like soils. They slowly release nutrients that promote growth from the roots. It also reduces problems with pests and soil-borne plant diseases.

By composting, you’re balancing the pH level of your soil, preventing erosion, and attracting like worms and other organisms that help benefit your soil.

It feels rewarding when you compost because you know you’re taking proper care of your lawn, and it starts to show. It’s very easy to do as well. So, help reduce waste and nurture your garden to grow beautifully and healthy.

Final Thoughts

Having a beautiful lawn takes work and proper care. If you truly want to give your garden a chance to grow properly and beautifully, you can try our tips and see the results for yourself!

Also, if you are looking for a cost-effective lawn mower, you should check the inexpensive lawn mower guide.

Once you achieve your desired lawn, not only will you get compliments from your neighbors, but you’ll also be providing a green and clean living area for your family.

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