Coinmerce is a Dutch cryptocurrency broker where more than 140 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and a wide range of other crypto coins can be traded. The broker was founded in Amstelveen, The Netherlands in 2017 with the idea of removing obstacles when buying, selling or trading cryptocurrencies. The platform of Coinmerce offers a nice balance between different crypto coins. In addition, the broker focuses on providing the best e-commerce user experience.

The website of Coinmerce was launched in 2018. The platform can be used in different ways and on different devices. Users can reach Coinmerce via the web but also via an iOS and Android App.

On Coinmerce you can easily create your own wallet for the coins you own. This increases user-friendliness because there is no need to work with an external wallet party.

Why Coinmerce?

Coinmerce is very user-friendly and gives a great balance between different large and small coins. Partly because of this, the platform brings many advantages:

Most advantageous broker of 2019

Coinmerce has been voted the most advantageous broker by CoinCompare since November 2018. Average commissions are around 0.5%. Another advantage on Coinmerce is that the cryptocurrencies can be purchased as from โ‚ฌ10. This minimum amount is often higher with other parties.

More than 140 cryptocurrencies

Coinmerce offers a wide range of cryptocurrencies. For example, users can buy, sell and/or save more than 140 different tokens on the platform. By offering a storage function in addition to buying and selling, everything remains within the platform of Coinmerce. This to increase the user-friendliness even further. This storage function is easy to use; per coin that is offered you can create a wallet in just a few clicks.

Just make sure you’re aware of the terms and conditions settled by the platform that opens it up for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning to buy and holdย LTC Litecoinย or BTC Bitcoin. Regardless of how volatile or how high a cryptocurrency is trading, beware of investment possibilities of going against or in your favor.

Order limits

A much sought-after feature among cryptocurrency traders are order limits. Order limits allow users to buy or sell cryptocurrency, but only for a specific price. Coinmerce offers this feature on its platform. This feature is currently not yet offered by all brokers and exchanges, so this can be seen as a great advantage.

Suitable for large audiences

Coinmerce focuses on user-friendliness, with the addition of several popular features. Because of this the platform knows how to offer a lot, which makes it suitable for the beginning cryptocurrency trader as well as the more experienced trader.

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