NFT gaming (a.k.a. crypto gaming, blockchain gaming, or play-to-earn gaming) is a new form of entertainment that emerged just a few years ago. It has all the elements of a regular video game, but with a twist that enables you to actually own items in the game and earn money in multiple ways. The possibilities seem endless and this market has been rapidly growing.

On the other hand, the world of anime has also reached a very large audience and undergoes a constant expansion. The main talking point of this article, Aotuverse, is an RPG play-to-earn game that lies at the intersection of anime and NFT gaming. Let’s see how that works.

Aotu World anime

The AOTU franchise started with an extremely popular Chinese anime called AOTU World. With 4 seasons and over 15 billion views so far, it’s considered to be the second most popular Chinese anime ever.

The plot is focused on a contest taking place on the AOTU planet. It’s organized by gods who created the universe and who wish to grant the winner of the tournament vast, unlimited powers that enable him or her to change the otherwise unalterable destiny. The story follows King, a boy whose sister applied for the tournament and never came back.

Aotu World video game

The anime started airing in 2015, and five years later, the AOTU franchise was expanded for the first time. The first AOTU game was called the same as anime (AOTU World) and was also widely successful, with over 15 million downloads and 140,000+ daily users.

In 2022, the game was shut down permanently and the job of creating a new game, built on Solana blockchain, was taken by Catheon Games and MultiMetaVerse. The game changed its name to Aotuverse.

Aotuverse – what is it and how does it work?

Play-to-earn games

As was mentioned, the Aoutverse NFT games offer new methods of making money as well as other additional features such as increased security and interoperability.

Catheon Games and MultiMetaverse are both veterans in developing this kind of games. Catheon has projects like SolChicks, Seoulstars, and Onigiriverse in their portfolio, so the expectations of Aotuverse are high as well. But what will the game look like?

PVP mode

In PVP mode you will fight against other players. You’ll have your crew of up to 8 different characters, but you’ll be able to use only 5 at a time.

Players will be divided into different leagues, based on the number of points they win or lose as they win or lose their battles. You’ll be able to compete only against players from your league and those who dominate the leaderboards will get financial rewards in the form of the game’s native coins.

PVE mode

There is also a player-vs-environment mode, where you basically try to win the AOTU contest in order to gain the power of gods.

For this, you’ll have 4 characters who you need to take through a number of different levels and emerge victorious in the end. The further you go in PVE mode, the more rewards you get, including AOTU’s native coins, in-game items, upgrade materials, and more.

How to earn money in Aotuverse?

Finally, we got to the earning part of the game. There are several ways to earn money in Aotuverse, and we’ve already presented some of them. Playing any of the game modes will bring you native tokens if you’re successful enough.

There are two coins used in the game – Grey token (GRT – the utility token) as well as Starstone token (SST – the governance token). The coins can be used in-game to upgrade your characters or buy items, but they can also be converted to other cryptocurrencies on a crypto exchange.

Finally, just like in basically every play-to-earn game, you can also earn money by trading in-game items that are built as NFTs. In Aotuverse, this includes characters and different kinds of equipment (called “components” in the game). These can be boosted to increase their value and then sold to other gamers as NFTs on NFT marketplaces.


The new Aotuverse game is the third part of a huge franchise and the expectations are high. The game promises to bring big changes not just when it comes to monetization, but also when it comes to its entertainment value which is expected to be on par with the most popular traditional games. Don’t sleep on Aotuverse and don’t miss out on this opportunity!

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