With a world population of almost 8 billion there are many people sharing this small planet of ours. Modern technologies, modern transport systems, and many industries mean more people are moving around than ever before. The increase in human interaction creates an element of risk to our safety. Personal injuries, either through negligence or on the road, are on the rise, and personal injury lawyers are in high demand. If you have been injured, and suffer the consequences, you may be considering enlisting the help of a professional to claim compensation for an accident. There are various options online, but you may feel overwhelmed and unsure of what you need to look for, so what’s important when choosing a personal injury lawyer?

Qualifications and experience

You must check the credentials of any lawyers you are considering to take on your case. Choosing a lawyer that specializes in injury law will be vital to make the best possible case. Some lawyers cover all types of law but selecting a specialist to represent you will give you peace of mind and confidence that they are experts in their field. When you first connect with them ask for their full name and request a copy of their certification. All reputable lawyers will be able to access the information you need and provide you with a copy. If you’d rather not ask them directly you can use the ‘find me a solicitor’ service available online to give you a list of all fully qualified solicitors/Lawyers that are suitably regulated. You can find all their information on this page reassuring you that the Lawyer is sufficiently qualified. You can also check the public records for the state bar associations. This is required by law and is open for the public to look at.  It will give you information regarding the Lawyer if they’re licensed to practice law and where they are located. You can also find any complaints made against them, although you may want to check their authenticity.

Choosing a Lawyer with the qualifications isn’t the only consideration. If you want an effective service and a higher chance of a payout, selecting someone with relevant experience handling cases such as yours is money well spent. Professional and experienced injury lawyers understand how to deal with insurance companies and communicate effectively because they are legality experts. Lawyers have spent many years studying the legal system, increasing their knowledge, and developing key skills to help them negotiate and influence people at all levels.  Insurance companies are notorious for being difficult and doing their utmost to avoid a payout. An experienced lawyer can handle this hurdle, taking the stress away from you. What other important factors should you think about when selecting a lawyer?

Reviews, examples and reputation

Reputation! To check the reputation of an injury Lawyer inspect their website. Most professionals will put in considerable effort to create and maintain their brand. If the website lacks visuals and transparency, you may want to double-check if they are the right choice. The website should be user-friendly, simple to navigate, and have enough information to prompt an initial inquiry. In the modern world of content creation, the website should also contain a blog with information such as a FAQ section that demonstrates their specialism.

Another helpful thing to look for is testimonials. Client satisfaction is the goal of every case an injury Lawyer takes on. Winning cases wins more clients, so look for examples that inspire confidence. You can locate examples outside of the Lawyer’s website to get an objective view. Talk to others who may have used them and ask questions about their service, process and outcome.

You must have faith in any agency you decide to use. If you’ve been injured understandably you will have experienced considerable trauma and emotional upheaval and filing a personal injury lawsuit is time-consuming and can be stressful. Choosing the right lawyer will make the process easier,  and give you the peace of mind that they will use their skills to achieve the best outcome.

Payment terms

It’s always best to have a frank and upfront conversation about payment terms before using a Lawyer or agency’s services.  You don’t want any expensive surprises later on. Many lawyers work on a contingency fee agreement or what is commonly known as ‘no win, no fee’. The terms must be agreed in advance.  In general, your Lawyer will not take more than 25% of the total payout. The agreed percentage covers the cost of the lawyer’s time and resources to represent your case from beginning to end. If you don’t win the case you won’t incur a fee, and the Lawyer may claim monies from the opposing party. You should also agree on any expenses your Lawyer may claim before the case completion. The terms and conditions will be written up in an official document and act as a contract.

You can negotiate terms if you think the fees are too high. Bear in mind that a lot of work is required for a lawyer to build a case. They need to collect a lot of data and spend time investigating what happened. They have to communicate with various professionals, witnesses, and police, which require exceptional people skills, so it’s useful to remember this when choosing your lawyer. They also need a thorough knowledge of medical issues and have built up substantial research skills. They are experts in current regulations and legislation.  A lawyer is a high-value resource and it is their job to represent you and win your case, however, they will be up against the defendant and another, equally qualified Lawyer, who will be presenting the defense. Denial of liability, insurance company difficulties and uncooperative companies are all issues that your lawyer will need to deal with. However, you must remember that you won’t receive compensation without them, so their fee should reflect that.

There are some fantastic, highly qualified and experienced professional Lawyers at your disposal but do your research and choose wisely for the best chance of winning your case.

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