Are you super excited to have a premium smartwatch so elegant and so long-lasting on your wrist – the HUAWEI Smartwatch   Aside from its unique and futuristic Super Device experience, it is also equipped with a long-lasting battery, all-day health management, and fitness tracking features. Now you can do things you never thought you could with the Huawei Watch 3. You might not know these four things about this device.

Your wrist can be used to answer calls and respond to messages

MyTime is also supported by the Huawei WATCH 3. The smartwatch can be used to transfer the MeeTime call to the smart screen when you’re at home, making it more convenient to make calls.

Maintain a health check-up

It is also one of the main measures of health because it is one of the most basic vital signs. With the HUAWEI Smartwatch 3, you can detect the skin temperature on your wrist as well as the ambient temperature, with high precision. The HUAWEI WATCH 3 comprehensive set of features includes health monitoring tools, such as heart rate, SpO2, sleep, and pressure, to keep you informed of your overall health at all times.

Relaxing and unwinding through sports is a great way to unwind

Featuring over 100 workout modes, including 17 professional modes as well as 12 outdoor and 7 indoor workouts, the Huawei Smartwatch   3 offers improved sports monitoring. You can take on any challenge with the Huawei WATCH 3 regardless of what sport you are interested in.

Experience smart devices on your super device

With the super device capabilities of the Huawei Smartwatch 3, users can access many smart applications from their HUAWEI smartwatch with the convenience of a single glance.

HUAWEI  smartwatch  3 | 3 Pro partners are the first to implement apps on the new devices

Together, Huawei and Emirates have developed a seamless and convenient interface for Huawei WATCH 3 | 3 Pro users to access their trip data from their smartwatch by simply entering their booking reference on the watch. Their Emirates booking and flight status can be viewed simply by looking at their wrist.

Also in collaboration with Jeeny, Huawei has enabled users to view rides’ status and notifications from their smartwatch while on the move. Through the Talabat app, smartwatches become smart assistants that track and notify Users of their order status. Users will also be able to measure the heart rate and receive real-time reporting via Rashaqa’s app when using the HUAWEI Smartwatch  3 I Pro. Besides offering health and fitness tips, the mobile app integrates seamlessly with other health and fitness information to give users a holistic experience.

Now available from AppGallery on the Huawei smartwatch  3 series, Petal Maps offers convenient navigation directly in the smartwatch, so users can access directions simply by looking at their wrists while walking or cycling.

Extra benefits that you weren’t aware of

With the HUAWEI WATCH 3, you can control volume and playback music right from your home screen by swiping right. HUAWEI smartwatch  3 acts as a dedicated control panel when streaming music from your smartphone. Raise your wrist to see the full picture across the volume, playback controls, or playlists. The watch can also be connected to a display or speaker so that you can enjoy your listening experience even more.

While shopping or exercising, it can be difficult to free up your hands to control a device – but thanks to Celia, Huawei’s voice assistant, this problem is a thing of the past. Your hands-free experience can be greatly enhanced thanks to Celia. Call, listen to music, tune into the weather, set an alarm, take a walk, translate, and use other tools with the help of Celia. With “Hey Celia”, the machine will respond almost immediately.

The use of voice control is currently available in the following countries: the USA,, UK, France, Canada Spain, Italy, Mexico, Colombia, Chile,, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan.

Intelligent hand gesture control* is also supported by the Huawei smartwatch 3. Incoming calls can be answered by clenching your fist and raising your wrist.

There is a requirement for *OTA

In these and many other aspects, Huawei’s WATCH 3 – the world’s most elegant smartwatch with the longest battery life – embodies technology that redefines what a smartwatch can do. Given that you have a better understanding of the features, which one do you think you would like to try first? 

Availability and price

Huawei smartwatch 3 and Huawei WATCH 3 Pro are available in Saudi Arabia now, both priced 1,999 SAR for the Active Edition and 1,999 SAR for the Classic Edition respectively. A few retailers and Huawei Store in Riyadh Park offer it for sale. Huawei WATCH 3 Series is compatible with selected retailers and online retailers.

For example, it has been available in the UK for several weeks at £349 (converts to $480, or AU$ 660), but it is still in the process of rolling out globally. Wear 3 offers a lot of features: a sharp and vibrant OLED display, eSim support (though it currently only works with Vodafone in the UK), and a crop of sensors. One of the few Huawei smartwatch on the market to record and display temperature around the clock, the Watch 3 records heart rate, blood oxygen, and has GPS. With the Huawei Watch 3, Huawei has also added 50m water resistance, a feature 2018’s Watch 2 lacked. As well as 2GB of RAM, you will be able to switch menus and load apps quickly.

However, it is more expensive than it probably should be. At £349 in the UK, it is more expensive than the Apple Watch 6, and Samsung’s Galaxy  Watch 4 is likely to be a big competitor. In addition, the device does not have NFC-enabled payments — so no contactless payments — or an electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG), which is a fairly common sensor on smartwatches used to detect irregular heart rhythms. 

Moreover, during my brief experience with the Huawei  Smartwatch 3

In my experience, Huawei’s three-day battery life was not credible. Even though Huawei’s Watch 3 won’t be available in the US, it may still challenge Apple’s and Google’s higher-end watches internationally.

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