Your BFF is getting married and you have been selected to plan her Bachelorette’s party! You gathered two other friends to help because you want to avoid a “bridezilla moment” and everything MUST be perfect…Including your outfits. The lovely Bride-to-be and her queens need to look fabulous! Selecting the perfect outfit for a Bachelorette party will be determined by the theme, time, and place chosen for the soiree. The following are some ideas from what is trending right now!

1) Cute Themed Graphic T-shirts or Swimsuits

A big trend for Bachelorette parties has been chic graphic t-shirts or swimsuits. The bride-to-be will wear a white t-shirt and her squad will wear either black or pink and for a change, the bride-to-be’s favorite color. The squad can get as creative as they want and customize the t-shirt with quotes from the bride-to-be or just proudly show that they are part of TEAM BRIDE! Pair it up with denim shorts, mini skirts, or fun tutus.

As for shoes you can wear comfy wedges or heels to dance the night away! Sneakers or (matching) sandals will give you a more casual look.

The most popular themes are: 

  • Bach & Boujee 
  • Bride & Bride’s Babes
  • Wife of the Party & The Party 
  • Captain Bride & Let’s get Nauti 

There is no limit as to what you can print on the t-shirts or bathing suits, the idea is to have fun and spark conversations as you celebrate the bride to be’s last night as a single lady! 

  2) Bride & Bloom Brunch

This season is all about flowers! there is nothing more girly to celebrate your femininity than wearing flowers. Pastel color dresses in hues of pink and nudes are the perfect match for bottomless mimosas and Rose. She will enjoy the company of her friends in flowy ensembles as she snaps pictures and swirls in laughter with her sisters! Some popular silhouettes are maxi dresses, halter neck mini dresses, or even a jumpsuit.

Do not forget to wear your strappy sandals and for an extra touch, matching straw hats will give you the fashionista status. 

  3) Breakfast at Tiffany’s Party

If you are invited to a Breakfast at Tiffany’s bachelorette party, you know you have to wear your favorite LBD ( Little Black Dress) pearls and black shades. Since everyone will be in black,  you can stand out by focusing on the silhouette of the dress and accessories. V-neck dresses, halter necks, or my personal favorite, the one-shoulder dress, it is edgy and flattering as you show part of your clavicle. If you want to feel trendy, an LBD with puffy sleeves is what you will look for. Have fun with your pearls, short or long both will do… For flair and elegance elevate the look with kitten heels or your favorite pumps. You can have fun with the color of the shoes as you show your style! This fancy breakfast calls for a purse. You can bring a small clutch or a  small-sized crossbody, in black.  For an extra touch, you can wear Tiffany blue nails or a delicate pin.

Bachelorette Party black dress

I hope you have been inspired by these ideas and avoid the “bridezilla moment” at the Bachelorette party. Do not forget to have fun, after all, this only happens once in the bride’s lifetime. Celebrate her in style!

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