This question can be controversial; but the truth is, fashion designers keep bringing them back every season, and we are loving it! Flower dresses can be worn year-round. Depending on the fabric, style, length, and colorways they can be worn on MOST occasions. Flower dresses are feminine, sweet, and make you feel BEAUTIFUL while you are walking on the road or hanging out with your friends at a pub!

A seasonless piece

  • Fall & Winter floral dresses are long-sleeved, midi-length, in jeweled tones, or even black and white. Micro flower prints or small prints are the most popular, but it is not the rule. They can be styled over your favorite pair of jeans with booties. Flowers will keep you joyful and cozy to blow those winter blues away!
  • Spring floral dresses can also be midi or 4 fingers above the knee length. Sleeves can start from ¾ sleeves to cap sleeves, or the chicest, puffed, or ruched. The color palette changes to pastels, and flowers start growing in size! Just like in nature, you can be in-full-bloom all season long!
  • Summer Floral is similar to the spring vibe, but with the brightest color palette. A typical summer floral dress style is a maxi or mini dress with spaghetti straps, cap sleeves, or the oh-so-feminine tie on shoulder straps. The neckline starts dropping and some styles can be open back. The idea is to show as much skin as possible while maintaining the sweetness with the flower prints!

They can be worn on MOST occasions

Flower prints are joyful, pretty, and romantic… or at least that’s what we experience when we wear them. With this in mind, they are appropriate to wear almost everywhere, except to a funeral or an event where the dress code has been disclaimed.0

  • First date: nothing communicates femininity more than flowers… and men love that! If you want to show your sweet side, help convey the message with your favorite flower dress with an A-line flowy skirt. Skirts that open up are more comfortable to maneuver it; this will help calm the nerves!
  • Life events: Baby Showers, Bridal showers, Graduations, Christenings… etc.
  • Weddings or Balls:  for this type of occasion fabric is key. You want to look for lace, satin, silk, and embroidered.

Before I rest my case on the versatility and seasonless of flower dresses, here are some thoughts on playing with the prints.

Types of Prints

  • Small prints: are discreet prints where you almost can’t tell the type of flower on the fabric. Small print helps with not to create an illusion of unwanted volume.
  • Big prints: are big, in-your-face flowers. The only downside is that they add volume; so you have to be careful about the area of your body you want to add volume to.
  • Pattern placed prints: as its name describes, the flowers are positioned on a certain area of the dress instead of repeated all over. The trick with this type of print is to make sure the designs fall on the right areas of your body.

As you can see, there is a flower dress for every season, occasion, and girl!

Dear marvelous girls, let it bloom!

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