There are certain situations that we’ve all been through at one point in our lives and locking yourself out is definitely one of them. While this is a very frustrating situation, you need to stay calm and find another way to enter your home. One of the following could be a solution when you lock yourself out of your own home and stand helpless before the front door.

1. Don’t panic

The most important rule when you find yourself in a stressful situation is to not panic. It’s normal to feel agitated when you lock yourself out, especially you are coming home tired and can’t wait to rest. But keeping your head clear will help you find the solution faster and maybe even a copy of the key or the original itself.

So, take a few deep breaths and assess the situation. You have several options, therefore consider which one will be best to resolve your problem. If one thing fails, don’t despair since there is a solution for this and you just need to choose the right one.

2. Try other access points

There are various access points to your home and maybe you can use some of them in this situation. Even if you take care to lock windows and other doors, there is a chance you missed one before you left your home. So check the ground level windows and patio doors, but approach climbing the second floor with caution to avoid injury.

Borrow the ladders from a neighbor or wait for someone who is better and more careful at climbing than yourself. Inform someone that you are about to climb the façade in case you fall down so they would be able to call for help. However, avoid climbing up if you are afraid of heights since that will only fog your mind and create an unsafe environment that can lead to serious injury.

3. Call friends or family members for that spare key

If you didn’t leave a spare key with a family member or a friend, do it after reading this article. The key may be a few minutes or a car-ride away and so you will enter your home in no time. However, if that is not an option, consider hiding a key somewhere on the property.

The usual spot used in the movies is under a planted pot or statue by the door, so you should be more creative to avoid other people from finding it. Just make sure it’s located somewhere you will remember and write it down in your smartphone. A rain gutter or outdoor AC unit are some of the ideal spots for your spare key just make sure it’s well-secured there.

4.  Look for the key again

Your key may be not be lost but rather misplaced so start looking for it at the usual places. Search every pocket on your clothes and bag since it could easily get lost with other items there. Check the glove compartment in your car as well as any other storage space in the doors or inside the visor. With little luck, the key might be just misplaced and all it takes is some effort to find it.

5. Call a locksmith

Thanks to the all-available connectivity, you can easily find a 24 hour locksmith at any point of the day or night to let you in your home. People usually turn to locksmiths as the last resort because they are afraid of the cost, but the expense is worth the call. If you don’t have the money, simply call someone to bring it to you or ask your neighbors for help.

Hiring a locksmith is the only sure way to enter your home without any hassle, and will also leave you with a functioning lock. Also, if you know that your doors are burglar-proofed then you should try anything yourself since it will waste your time and nerves. The only person that has the tools and knowledge to get you into your home is a locksmith so call one right away.

6. Try your lock-picking skills

It can be a stretch, but you can try and pick the lock since it may not be that hard. Of course, it all depends on the door but at least you will feel like you tried everything. Pick the largest and most flexible credit card and slide it between the door and the frame since this might work with some doors.

A knife between the door and striker plate may help you force the door open, too although you will need a strong knife to do it. Removing the doorknob may also be another solution which will require some tools like a screwdriver. However, if you have hardened-cylinder doors, avoid trying since you will only frustrate yourself with the failure.


Whether you decide to call a locksmith or search for the key when you lock yourself out of your own house, the most important thing is not to panic. Once you resolve your situation consider installing a smart lock, or at least leaving a spare key with someone you trust. That way you will prevent this situation from happening and save yourself the stress.

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