An Eminent Domain is a law or action applied to real property such as buildings and land. Within the legal confines, any kind of property may be taken, including both tangible and non-tangible. That is the reason why you should choose a reliable property.

The person needs to know about the property’s legality first, like whether they should purchase it in the first place or not. They can hire the best real estate agent data from Joz Data and also know about eminent domain. That will give you some idea about what type of property you should buy and what not. What exception can you find on a specific property?

Let’s just discuss that in detail!

Property that is considered a risk

Many government units that are at the local level start condemnation which proceeds for the private property that is not needed for public use. But it may deem a risk to public health or safety.

For instance, a property may condemn and then seized. When the property of any old shipyard to clean up asbestos and other pollutants to the environment. Private property may be taken if the proximity to the clean-up area is unsafe. The seizure is done for the best public interest, even if the public does not use the land.

That is why while investing in property, ensure investing in the one that is right and there is no risk of anything. Purchase an Email List of Realtor from a reliable company that will offer you a list of agent that is reliable. That will prove beneficial for anyone.

Some exceptions for the certain property

You also must understand that government cannot take every property for any purpose. Several states prohibit the exercise of eminent domain for property such as Cemeteries, Factories, gardens, and Orchards. However, there are some other exceptions, too, which are as follows,

  1. It is the power of the government to take private property for public purposes- Eminent domain is the law or power of the government that will take private property for public use. The power is used to take the land for several public projects. But the government should provide compensation to the property owner.
  2. The fifth Amendment of the US Constitution will protect private property from eminent domain- According to the Fifth Amendment to the US Constitution that will protect private property from this law. It means that they will take your property for the use of the public without compensation. The government can even take property for public use f you give the government consent.
  3. The government can take private property for public use but only for purposes such as roads or schools- A domain is a piece of land someone will own. The government may take private property for a public purpose, such as roads or schools.
  4. Government must pay compensation to the property ownerWhen the government takes the property from the property owner. Then the government will have to pay the compensation for that. The compensation value is usually based on the property’s market value.
  5. Some states offer additional protection for private propertyEminent Law is the government power through which they can take private property for public use. The Fifth Amendment protects private property from the eminent domain. Some states even provide additional protection for private property from the law.

Can a person prevent the property from the eminent domain?

The government may target your land against your wishes. People’s main question is whether they can prevent it from being taken through Eminent Domain. And yes, you can prevent your property, but how? A person must meet several requirements before a private landowner has to give up their land.

  • The land acquisition must be for the use of public
  • The owner of the land must receive compensation for the land.
  • The government or private entity acts as the government authority with the right to exercise eminent domain.

But there are several terrific ways through which you can prevent the property from eminent domain, and those are mentioned here.

1. Understand Eminent Domain and its process

You are wrong if you think that government cannot take your land without your consent. However, the government can take your house, also known as condemnation. It gives the government the power to take all or a part of the property for public purposes.

That is why you must understand the process of eminent domain and its process, which follows a standard sequence of events. First, if the government agency knows there is a need to implement eminent domain, they need to notify the owner of the intent. It should also include the legal description of the property or parcel and the offer of compensation.

The documents should include the proper reasoning and time period the owner must accept the offer. When you know about these things, you can hire an attorney. Ensure the attorney will gather the evidence to support you in getting better compensation and may get protected.

2. Know your rights as owner of the property

It is also crucial for the person to understand their property rights. The government cannot just take your land or property without cause. Just stated before, an eminent domain action is for public purpose or necessity.

The government should have an appropriate reason to claim your land. The compensation should be based on the market’s fair value of your land and house. That is why you will not have to accept the first offer if you do not feel it is fair.

3. Work with the adequate attorney

It is not easy to stand against the government, and most people even ask where there is a chance to do that in this case. However, people need to understand that they are not powerless and if you choose a trusted attorney. So they, helps you navigate the process and achieve the best outcome from it.

When you hire the best attorney, they help you with the problem and take every possible action that can benefit you.

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