Packaging is essential to protect products and make them more marketable, but then we also have to think about the impact on the environment. So, this article will consider eco friendly packaging to determine just what makes packaging a friend of the environment.


Packaging that is capable of being recycled will have less impact on the environment when it can be made further use of rather than having to be completely re-manufactured and end up polluting the environment all over again.

So, what types of packaging can be recycled? Materials that can be recycled include metal, glass, card, paper, and certain plastics. The most common type of packing that is recycled is corrugated cardboard. So, wholesalers should bear this in mind with their orders for packaging. To ensure that paper or card is recyclable, you can try to source materials that are post-industrial or post-consumer.

Human recycling dates back to 1031 when those from Japan and other ancient cultures would reuse everyday items because of a lack of resources and some lengthy manufacturing processes that existed otherwise.

In terms of plastic that can be recycled, plastic bottles, pots, and trays are capable of being recycled. Metal tins have been recycled for longer than plastic bottles have. Symbols on many products will indicate just which ones are suitable for recycling. Consumer pressure will win the day in the end when they only buy the products that are inside packaging marked for recycling. It is now a shopping consideration for many when they choose their products, either for themselves or to be used as gifts.


Biodegradable packaging is that which is capable of being decomposed by bacteria and other living organisms. This avoids pollution and so is a packaging alternative now sought by many environmentalists. The fact that the product biodegrades naturally means that it is environmentally friendly.

The types of materials that are biodegradable include paper, wood, leaves, wool, cotton, and rubber. In terms of packaging, we will want to choose biodegradable paper and cardboard where possible. Items and packaging made from corn starch are biodegradable and so ideal for limited use. In other words, for takeaway products that are eaten and then the packaging is quickly disposed of. You do have to weigh up the type of product when choosing the biodegradable option. If the product is being stored for long periods, then it is not suitable, but then, good use is instead being made of the packaging. It is this idea of quickly throwing the packaging away that is most out of alignment with the current environmental concerns. The current environmental approach is, in the main sense, about eliminating unnecessary packaging that comes with items.

Eliminating Plastic

The ideal thing would be to eliminate plastic completely and just use packaging that is more environmentally friendly from the start. This is possible with many products and so should be embraced by those in the packaging industry where it is possible. It is something that is being worked towards. For instance, you see paper straws instead of plastic straws now. Every little will help. The global effort will ultimately make the biggest difference. To consider it is at least a step. Then comes the action that is needed. It is for packaging companies to embrace the environmental issues as their products are a part of making that difference. It is good to know that there is biodegradable plastic where there is no alternative to plastic yet.

There is so much to think of for those making or purchasing packaging from others. This goes for everyone down the chain. This means that wholesalers will play a bigger part than retailers. We should embrace companies that consider the environment a priority. Any costs can, after all, be passed down the line. We accept it when we all have the common goal of protecting the planet for future generations to enjoy as we are. Nobody wants to see flooding because the ice caps are melting, oceans and seas full of plastic that is harming the sea life, or experience temperatures that are simply going to be unbearable. Buying eco friendly packaging will help.

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