The fleet industry is growing day by day, and with the increasing fleet, the demand for fleet management solutions and fleet managers is also increasing. Managing a fleet is not an easy task. It is a process of managing assets, adopting new and advanced technologies and devices, optimizing fleet operations, and other similar works.

A fleet manager is responsible for all of the above duties to improve efficiency and boost business growth. But as the company grows, assets increase. And with it, the responsibilities of the managers reach their height. It consumes the manager’s time, and the routine maintenance activities suffer. If the organization does not take measures, it can hinder its overall growth.

Adopting an effective fleet management software seems to be the only solution. Its software enables the managers to handle routine jobs and rare situations conveniently.

Let us talk about fleet managers and how fleet management solutions can help them fulfill their duties in detail. So stay with us till the end.

Fleet management system

Developing a productive fleet management system is the best way to run a fleet operation. Fleet management entails all the processes and aspects associated with a fleet operation. It includes maintenance, budgeting, training, recruiting, retention, etc. Depending on the size of your company, you can equip your system with appropriate fleet management software. 

Using this comprehensive system:

  • You can adhere to the maintenance standards
  • Create a separate record of the fleet’s planned and unplanned expenses
  • Organize work orders for vehicle service
  • Be aware of the latest condition of the fleet’s assets and much more.

What can make you a good manager?

A good fleet manager uses all the available resources, maintains operational and financial efficiency, and increases the productivity and profits of the business. No matter how daunting this task is, here are some of the things a fleet manager can do

Fleet Manager Responsibilities And How A Fleet Management System Can Help?


One of the primary jobs of a fleet manager is to ensure the safety of the fleet assets and the drivers. While the employees are always on the road, it is hard for them to ensure they are observing safe driving etiquette or not.

One of the key benefits of fleet management software is that it sends you a real-time alert and notification as it detects bad driving behavior. Modern fleet solutions such as Matrack also give you detailed reports about the driver’s driving behavior at a given time. So you have enough time to identify them and help them overcome them.

Scheduling Maintenance

A fleet manager is solely responsible for asset management, and the vehicle is one of the primary assets of any fleet. Irregular maintenance can reduce its lifecycle. It can also lead to unexpected breakdowns that are not good for the reputation and growth of a fleet.

A fleet management software can help you avoid the hassle of remembering the maintenance dates of different vehicles. It can send you real-time alerts and notifications on the date as reminders.

It also provides relevant data such as distance covered, engine hours, and fuel usage for better insight.

Allocating Tasks To The Drivers

Fleet managers are responsible to ensure that drivers do not overwork and breach the HoS rules. But as the fleet grows, the number of drivers increases, and it becomes difficult for them to remember the working hours of each of them. There are some best fleet management service providers in the market who can prove to be a lifesaver. It allows you to track your driver on one dashboard. You can view the left working hours, current job assigned, and driver’s status easily at the same place. And hence, allocate duties accordingly.

Route Management

Fleet managers are responsible to plan the smartest and most efficient route for the job. With the help of fleet management software, they can do that by accessing the information about the weather, traffic, driver’s HoS, etc.

Real-time Location Tracking

A fleet manager can use the GPS tracking solution to monitor the real-time location of the different vehicles of the fleet. With proper knowledge of the whereabouts of each, they can eradicate vehicle idling, deliver shipments fast and improve customer satisfaction. Additionally, they can check the traffic and job completion status to allocate jobs accordingly.

Monitoring Fuel Expenses

A major part of a fleet’s budget is devoted to meeting fuel expenses. With the ever-fluctuating fuel prices and high fuel consumption, it becomes difficult for a fleet manager to maintain or increase the profits. 

They are responsible to reduce fuel expenses and boost profits. To do so, they can use fleet management software.

With the help of a fleet management software, you can:

  • Identify and eradicate any bad driving behavior in your fleet leading to high fuel consumption.
  • Reduce vehicle idling and provide better route management.
  • Some companies also offer fuel cards. It can help you get discounts on every fuel purchase.

Data Analysis

A manager is responsible for ensuring efficiency in the fleet and boost the overall productivity of a business.  A fleet management software can provide you with relevant data and give you the power to harness it.

A good look into all of it provides you a clear insight into the areas of business that are performing and the ones that need help. It helps them come up with a plan of action to ensure that all business processes are functioning smoothly.

Before You Go

Being a fleet manager is not an easy job. You have to have proper training and tools to fulfill your job duties. A comprehensive fleet management software can help improve efficiency, streamline fleet operations and assist you in performing your responsibilities perfectly.

So don’t wait anymore and start looking for an ideal fleet management software for your fleet today.