For the longest time, Apple has been known to be a formidable powerhouse in the realm of smartphones, computers, accessories, and electronics in general. The company’s recent venture in the world of finance has surprised a huge number of followers following the announcement of the Apple Credit Card which can be linked to existing Apple Pay accounts. And just like any other Apple products, the Apple Credit Card is built to last and exceed everyone’s expectations. Apple has partnered with financial service companies and investment giants, MasterCard and Goldman Sachs, to make this project possible.

Apple Card is not your ordinary credit card. It weighs almost 15 grams or almost twice as heavy as an ordinary plastic card. It is made from durable titanium metal that is painted in classic white finish. The card bears the Apple logo at the front and the MasterCard and Goldman Sachs logo at the back. The electronic chip is embedded into the metal and the magnetic stripe is almost almost camouflaged at the lower back of the card. The cardholder’s name is printed at the front, matching the simplistic yet elegant design of the Apple Card.

Getting an Apple Card is fast and easy. Similar to signing up in a wallet app, setting up your Apple Card takes only a few minutes. You need to provide some information about yourself such as your name, date of birth, address, contact details, citizenship, annual income, and so on. After filling up the required information, you will be asked to upload a photo of a valid ID to confirm your identity. Just like other credit cards, you will need to wait for an approval to fully access all the features of the Apple Card. After that, you can immediately use the card to purchase goods and services online even before the physical card can be shipped to your home.

It is worth noting that the physical Apple Card is no different to traditional credit cards. The lack of the CVV or card verification value at the back of the card makes it impossible for strangers to make an online purchase in case you card gets stolen. The credit limit also depends on the credit rating of the cardholder. That means that paying your dues on time on a regular basis makes you qualified for a higher credit limit. Based on the recent announcement, an Apple Card does not cost anything and a lost or damaged card can be replaced for free. There will be no international transaction fees, annual membership fees, late payment fees, and charges for exceeding your credit limit. Late payment can, however, affect your credit rating even though interest remains fixed and there are no penalty rates.

Daily Cash, rebates, and online tracking of expenses are also available with Apple Card. Learn more about the perks of using Apple Card as well as other types of credit cards at Credit Card NZ. Compare the best credit cards out there and stretch your budget with the best one that matches your needs, spending habits, and financial capacity.

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