The world of fashion is fascinating and sometimes we take it for granted since it is part of our daily lives. Our wardrobe choices have been influenced by fashion merchandisers. From the trends, the selection of pieces for the retail store, the styling for mannequins, and even the copy and merchandising that you see on e-commerce stores. Fashion merchandisers are responsible for the business operations of the Industry. 

Fashion merchandising requires fashion sense and business acumen. Fashion merchandisers must always keep up with the emerging trends, so they are constantly reading, and immersing in the culture from every angle to watch what consumers are looking for. Creativity is also very important since styling and strategic merchandising at the retail store is needed to drive sales. 

These are some of the roles of Fashion Merchandisers :

Trend Forecaster and Analyst

Being in tune with fashion trends is very important for buying/developing products that will sell. To do this fashion merchandisers keep up with the latest trending fashion news, attend marvelous fashion shows all over the world, and keep in touch with fashion designers. Fashion merchandisers forecast consumer demands by analyzing the performance of products in the past to get visibility of the upcoming seasons.

Fashion Buying

Fashion merchandisers dictate how to stock retail stores and go to trade shows to buy from different brands or help in the making of the brandโ€™s private label. They decide based on the country and region and their clients’ purchase patterns what styles to order, quantity of items, colors, and sizes. A budget is allotted per store and the merchandiser gets to work within that budget. Hence, the deep analysis that goes into it to keep a profitable business.

Store Merchandising

Fashion Merchandisers โ€œdecorateโ€ retail stores under the visual merchandising team. To merchandise each department or single standing store, knowledge of the trends and creativity is required. The goal is to make the product appealing and evoke the desire to purchase the items. Merchandisers style mannequins with inspiring looks and use props to create compelling compositions that drive sales.

Marketing and Promotion

Bringing traffic to stores through the promotion of products is another way that Fashion merchandisers participate. This requires an understanding of local demographics and marketing tactics. Some tactics that you may recognize are store displays, sales strategies, discounts, catalogs, in-store events, incentives for salesforce, and customer loyalty programs.

Personal Shopping and Wardrobe Styling

In a more creative and personal role, fashion merchandisers can become stylists for editorial photoshoots, tv shows, movies or fashion shows. They have their creative way of inspiring outfits that communicate a certain personality or message. Personal shoppers help their clients achieve certain personal goals, make suggestions based on body types, theme, event, or job profile. There are independent personal shoppers or some work for luxury department stores.

Fashion merchandising is a very versatile and exciting career, there is no limit as to what you can do and how involved in the business fashion merchandisers are. Some Fashion merchandisers become business owners and launch their own brands. The knowledge acquired with a Fashion Merchandising degree can definitely lead to entrepreneurship.

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