When you live in an area where temperatures reach severe levels, either cold or hot, it can be difficult to live comfortably. Having an HVAC system in place can be very effective so that the temperature inside buildings can remain stable. HVAC systems essentially manage the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning indoors. These systems are widely used in homes, commercial properties, and vehicles.

The ventilation feature provided by this system has filters that basically ensures that the air you are breathing is clean of moisture, odors, dust, smoke, airborne bacteria, carbon dioxide, as well as other existent gasses. It is crucial that these filters are looked after and changed when needed, otherwise, they may not work effectively. In this article, we will discuss some of the risks of not changing your AC filter,

Damage to Your HVAC System

Installing an HVAC system can be a great idea but it also requires some regular maintenance checks to ensure that it works as it should. Very few people are aware of the need to change their AC filters at least every three months. This could be more or less, depending on how often you use it. Failure to do this can result in damage to your HVAC system, and you may not even realize that it is broken. Overused filters generally cause congestion, which can simply be avoided if you check your filters and change them as necessary. Having to fix the issues or replace your HVAC system completely will be much more expensive and difficult than it is to change the filters.

Polluted Air

Breathing clean air is essential for everyone, as it reduces the likelihood of developing respiratory diseases. This is particularly important for those vulnerable people and children with asthma or allergies as their conditions may worsen when they breathe in polluted air. As we mentioned previously, the role of the AC filters is to ensure that the air you breathe is clean and of good quality. The pros behind Filter Buy suggest that when AC filters are overused they will not be effective in cleansing the air of toxins, thus resulting in breathing polluted air. Making sure the AC filter is changed, whether this is in your home or your vehicle, assures cleaner, fresher, and healthier air for everyone.

Can Be Expensive

You may fail to change your air filters because you think this is an unnecessary cost that you are not able to afford. However, when you do not look after your HVAC system by changing the filters, it is very likely that the system will eventually break down, as we discussed previously. It will cost you more money to replace the whole HVAC system than it is to change the filters.

Increased Energy Use

Overused filters require higher amounts of energy in order to function. This is due to the filter becoming clogged not allowing air to flow through the system effectively. This results in the whole system having to work a lot more and for longer in order to dispense heat or air where it is required. Evidently, this is not good for the environment and it also means that your monthly bills will be much higher until you change your filters.

Detrimental to the Environment

We need to be more aware of the impact we have on the environment overall, and how we can change our behaviors in order to make a positive changeโ€“ filthy filters can be detrimental to the planet as they can become clogged and release high levels of carbon monoxide and other greenhouses gasses in the air. Not only is this very negative to the environment, but it will also be detrimental to your health too and demonstrates how important it is to change your AC filters when needed.

Poor Temperature Control

The role of the AC system is to regulate the temperature indoors, but this will not be effectively achieved when the system is using dirty filters that have not changed in a long time. This will cause the airflow to be blocked up and temperature levels to destabilize. You may find that rooms are too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer, all because the filters need changing.

If you have an HVAC system at home or in your vehicle, it is vital that you remember to change the air filters as required. As you can see above, there are diverse risks associated with continuous use of dirty filters in your HVAC system โ€“ this will impact its ability to work effectively, regulate temperatures as well as impact or health and the environment.

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